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Submitted by Chris Leyton on March 23 2004 - 00:00

Having been attributed with such classic titles as Speedball 2 and Xenon to name but a few, itâ??s certainly surprising to see the Bitmap Bros handling a PC port of NAMCOs enjoyable kill.switch.

However if thereâ??s one thing thatâ??s true we can at least enjoy a decent port and not the traditionally sloppy conversions that used to dominate Console-PC adaptations; well so we thought, as PC owners will certainly dismay at the lack of graphical options â?“ including a resolution handicap at 1024x768!

Assuming the role of Bishop, a special operative assigned with a dark agenda; the initial missions take you to global hotspots such as the Middle-East, the Caspian Sea region and North Korea to mention but a few of the 18 different levels spanned across six different missions â?“ all terribly conventional material considering the number of action based games released in the last year or so.

Thankfully the gameplay shines a light even if the rather conventional plotline and overall game suffer from a feeling of â??been there â?“ seen thatâ??. Dubbed the Offensive Cover System, kill.switch does a good job with the camera and controls to create a system whereby itâ??s easy to use the environment as your cover, popping out to fire from protected positions. The tempo of the action and the AI of your opponents are without doubts the strongest allure of kill.switch, and certainly lends the game that blockbuster feel to the whole proceedings.

As a PC conversion weâ??re slightly disappointed; the visuals certainly look more impressive then the console versions, however itâ??s not exactly the game to test out your latest ATi graphics card and the lack of resolution options has to be a disappointment.

However the biggest pull has to be the price-point; as a gesture of their intent Hip Interactive are releasing this for £9.99 in the UK - thatâ??s a good £30 cheaper then the PS2 version with slightly enhanced visuals, you canâ??t say fairer then thatâ?¦

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Overall Score: 8/10

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