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Sims 2, The Cheats on GBA

What Digs Beneath Episode

The microfiche that Jimmy the Neck talks about is in Frankie's house, downstairs by his refrigerator. You can only get it in this episode.

Fissionable Plutonium

Talk to Penelope Redd again. She will tell you she knows a rich fool who is selling it. Talk to Luthor and pay him 300 Simoleons. Check your mail, then pick up the plutonium behind City Hall.

Rubber Waders

Talk to Penelope Redd. She will tell you to talk to someone who works around water. Then, talk to Olde Salty.

Scrap Metal

Talk to Optimum Alfred in the Optimum's Tech Factory. He will have you play the chop shop game. You must find someone strong enough to rip out the iron shelves. Talk to Jimmy the Neck and he will do it for you.


You will get the Shovel after gaining trust with Ara's father and talk to the man that needs the briefcase. He will give it to you.

Passing Out

You can pass out when the little meter under the level display is empty.

Restore Health

Every time you pass a skill level, your health meter is refilled.

Aliens Arrived

Get Weirdness Plot (50 points).

There Was This Mummy

Get Mystery Plot (50 points).

It All Came To An End

Get Motorscycle Plot (150 points).

A Very Special Reunion

Perform a GBA/GameCube link (Cube and Cube Sims 2).

5 Story House

I saw that there is a cheat here that says that you can make a 4 story house, not 3. Well if you keep adding staircases and flooring on the next floor and walls you will be able to make up to a 5 story house and then a roof to.

Broken fridge

First, in the level: buried by the mob, go to the salloon and talk to Dirty Hogg and he will talk about the broken fridge in the salloon. go to the guy selling books in the dessert and buy 3 mechanical books. go back to the salloon and fix the refrigerater. insid there will be a neat surpirse.

Fulfill urgencies for free

In the tutorial episode, 'It all began', when you need to buy furniture, you just need one piece! Buy the shower. All the other urgencies can be handled for free!

Hunger and Thirst: Go to the saloon.
Toilet: Go to the Ice Caves.
Comfort: Frankie Fusilli's house has a couch.
Tired: Go in the casino and head through the left wall path. There should be a bed.

Note:You don't really need the shower - the Ice Caves has a sink, which works for the hygiene erosion too. Howeverz, the sink doesn't fill up the meter as much, and I think the shower is the cheapest item at the shop, so I would still go with the shower.

What Digs Beneath items

In the episode, 'What Digs Beneath' the scrap iron is probably the hardest to get. The cactus spine you get by buying the gloves in the store, the plutionium you talk to Luthor Bigbucks about and he says for 300 simoleons, he'll tell you where to find it and for the rubber waders talk to Pepper Pete. He'll say they built a factory on the river and then when you go behind it, digging with your shovel will give you the waders. And now for the scrap iron. This cheat is already on Cheating Dome but you can be tricked! After you do the Chop Shop game, the 'Strong Man' is Jimmy the Neck, but if you talk to Tank Grunt he says he will help you if you're friendly. If you complete a friendly conversation with him, you can lead him to the factory. BUT, when you show him the iron, he says something about it being illegal to ruin anything on private property and he leaves. It's a waste of time, so don'e get tricked!

Restore health in Cola episode

When you play the episode, 'the new cola' you can restore your health only once. Near the bowl of Glug Glug cola, there will be a pile of jellybeans next to 4 ladybugs. Kill the ladybugs, and press A near the jellybeans. Your health will be restored.