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Submitted by Billy Matjiunis on January 1 1970 - 01:00

Silent Hill is superb, a great addition to the Playstations line-up.

<p>Silent Hill<P><br>What do you get when you take the tried and true Resident Evil-esque formula, add fully 3-D backgrounds, a moving camera, a variety of beasts to blast, and a setting that is genuinly disturbing and reminiscent to movies such as The Exorcitst, and The Night Of The Living Dead? You get Silent Hill, thats what. Right when you pop this baby in you are greeted by a screen saying that the game may be too disturbing for younger gamers, so when you get a warning like that, you know you're in for a fright fest. Konami has pulled out all the stops to create a game that will make you edgy, and keep you uneasy through out.<br><br>The graphics in this game aren't anything to write home about although they get the job done. Thankfully, a steady frame rate, and graceful character movement make up for it'sgrainy texture shortfalls. One annoyance that many gamers have with this game is it's use of the fog effect. While Konami have said that this is entirely to engross the gamer in the whole experience, you can't help but complain at how thickly they've laid it on. Grainy textures aside, the graphics do a very good job of keeping you on the edge of your seat and help suck you in to what Silent Hill is all about. <br><br>Sound is an area in this game that is executed beautifully. Every scene is set by the "mood" music played in the background. In fact, the music is so engrossing, that you will be hearing the definite shreaks, screams, chills, and crackles in your head for quit some time. Sound effects play a major role in this game. When ever you are in danger, your pocket radio will start to chatter warning you to be prepared for what lies ahead.<br><br>Never before has a game in the horror survival genre freaked me as much as this game has. The twisted people at Konami must have done been studying up on how to make gamers crap their pants in the right times. Throughout the whole game you are in such an uneasy state that in some places you are contemplating whether or not to go through a certain door because you are afraid of what lies beyond. It is this kind of gameplay that really sets Silent Hill apart from many other games and makes it truly fun to play.<br><br>Overall, this is a game no PlayStation owner should be with out. No game will freak you as much as this game, and I truly believe you will enjoy it no matter what genre you're into most. If you don't have this game, buy it, and while you're there, pick up a set of briefs. You'll need em'!!</P>

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  • Graphics: 73%
  • Sound: 85%
  • Gameplay: 85%
  • Originality: 0%
  • Longevity: 79%
Overall Score: 8/10

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By: cloud

Added:Wed 25th Jul 2007 06:13, Post No: 1

this game was an good atmosphereic game shame the rest where a bit pants