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Submitted by Jon Wilcox on January 31 2005 - 12:49

At the end of summer in 2004 we reviewed Second Sight, the action/adventure game from Free Radical, the creators of the TimeSplitters franchise. At the time, both the original narrative and the developing psi-powers that were integrated in the game impressed us. Now the game makes its debut on the PC, and marks the developerâ??s very first steps on the platform. So how well does it translate?

As youâ??d expect from a PC title, the game does look very nice and the graphics are more than a match for the PS2 version of Second Sight that we reviewed back in 2004. The story is still both intriguing and successfully hooks you into the world of time-jumping psychic, John Vattic who travels between the present, and events that took place 6 months earlier in Siberia.

The PC version of course retains all of the psi-powers form the earlier platform releases including Telekinesis, Astral Projection (our personal favourite), Healing, and Psi-Blast so PC gamers can experience for themselves what itâ??s like opening the third eye onto the sixth sense.

Although the storyline and the graphics are still up there, the fact that the control system seems to be insistent on gamers using a keyboard/mouse combo does actually ruin the responsive feel that a console/PC controller gives you. The Telekinesis was especially frustrating and it was quite a struggle to have the accurate control over objects as they fly through the air. We tried to unearth a secret â??gamepadâ? control option, but we couldnâ??t find one; itâ??s a real shame because though the keyboard /mouse combo does work better for FPS titles compared to analogue controllers, the fact of the matter is, is that the system just doesnâ??t work for this type of game.

Not only that, but youâ??d expect Free Radical to throw something extra into the mix when they were developing the PC version of the game, which would act as some compensation for the delay in releasing it for the platform. Sadly, you wonâ??t find anything here, and in our opinion, youâ??d be better off buying a console version of the game and enjoy Second Sight the way it was supposed to be played.

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  • Graphics: 83%
  • Sound: 82%
  • Gameplay: 81%
  • Originality: 83%
  • Longevity: 73%
Overall Score: 8/10

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