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Portal 2

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Latest Featured Articles

Portal 2 Portal 2 Review

GLaDOS returns in a fully-fledged sequel to a modest little game called Portal...

Portal 2 Portal 2 Co-op Preview

......Break on through to the other side

Portal 2 Portal 2 - Chet Faliszek Q&A Feature

TVG sits down with Valve's Chet Faliszek to discuss Portal 2's co-op and "flinging through the air"...

Latest News

Steam Database And Forums Hacked News

Valve officially drops anchor on the Steam forum hacks that first emerged last Sunday...

Free Portal 2 DLC Arriving Next Month News

Valve confirms a mid-September launch for Portal 2's first major instalment of DLC...

Portal 2 - 'Insane Cube Tricks' News

These guys have some mad companion cube skillz...

Valve Still Doing Single-Player Games (Phew!) News

Valve's Gabe Newell rubbishes rumours in the most reassuring news so far this year...

UK Chart: Zumba Fitness Back On Top News

505 Games' Zumba Fitness retakes the top spot from Portal 2...

UK Chart: Portal Holds Steady News

No change this week...

Portal 2 DLC Out This Summer News

New Portal content due in coming months...

Portal 2 Could Be Valve's Last "Isolated" Single-Player Game News

Industry chatter points towards a drastic turnaround in priorities for Valve...

Portal 2 Meets Mad Men + An Actual Working Sentry Turret News

Some truly impressive dedications to Portal 2 from fans of Valve's latest masterpiece...

UK Chart: Portal 2 Emerges At No.1 News

Valve's highly anticipated sequel does the business...

Portal 2 PS3/Steam Features Confirmed News

Cross-platform matchmaking, achievements and more...

Valve Releases Portal 2 Turret Infomercial News

"We fire the whole bullet - that's 65% more bullet, per bullet"...

Android/iPhone Mobile Steam Service In The Pipeline? News

Video recording said to be coming to Steam along with Source FilmMaker tools...

Valve Snubs Ad Agencies, Makes Own Portal 2 TV Spot News

Developer spends eight weeks making it’s own television advert...

Portal 2 - GDC Screens News

Valve releases an extensive batch of new screens for Portal 2...

Portal 2 Will Have "Complete" Move Support [UPDATE] News

Chet Faliszek spills the beans...

Portal 2 - New Co-op Screens News

Valve releases a batch of new screens for Portal 2's co-op campaign...

Portal 2's Co-op "Twice As Long" As Portal 1 News

Valve reveals that Portal 2's co-op campaign is about "twice as long" as the first Portal game...

Portal 2 Steamworks Features For Other PS3 Games? News

Valve hints that more PS3 games might utilise the Steamworks features announced for Portal 2 in the future...

Valve Announces Exclusive PS3 Features For Portal 2 News

Valve announces a range of PS3-Exclusive features for its hotly anticipated sequel, Portal 2...

Jonathon Coulton Song Confirmed For Portal 2 News

It's hard to overstate our satisfaction...

EA Distributing Portal 2 At Retail News

Portal 2 set to hit shop shelves from April 21st when EA will distribute the title under the EA Partners program...

Portal 2 Pushed Into April 2011 News

Valve announces a two month delay for Portal 2, moving the title from February 2011 to April...

Portal 2 - Introducing Wheatley News

Stephen Merchant makes his video game debut as Wheatley in Portal 2...

Portal 2 - New Screens News

Valve unfurls a new range of Portal 2 screens from Gamescom...

Portal 2 Set For February 9th Release News

Valve's Portal 2 will be released on February 9th when it will feature the voice-acting talents of Stephen Merchant...

Portal 2 - E3 2010 Demo Part 1 & 2 News

Excursion funnels and faith plates aplenty as Valve treats us with two parts from the E3 2010 demo...

Portal 2 - E3 2010 Demo Part 1 News

Part 1 introduces players to Wheatley, a Personality Sphere and one of the new characters in the game...

Portal 2 - E3 2010 Trailer News

Valve finally lifts the lid on Portal 2 - and it's coming to PS3...

Portal 2 On PS3, Valve Shifts Console Focus News

Valve's eagerly awaited sequel confirmed for PS3 along with Steamworks...

Portal 2 Delayed?!? News

In yet another bizarre announcement Valve appears to confirm the delay of Portal 2...

Valve Announces Portal 2 News

After a week of highly creative teasing, Valve finally provides the official announcement for Portal 2...

Portal Mystery Update Hints At Sequel/Episode 3 ??? News

Game update brings hidden radios to the game and mysterious clues towards a future development...

First Portal 2 Details Spilled??? News

A job listing for a voice-acting job on the Portal 2 project reveals some juicy info on Valve's sequel...

Kim Swift Announces Portal 2 - Accidentally News

The Project Leader of Valve's Portal, Kim Swift, inadvertently announces Portal 2 at GDC...

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User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Mon 09th May 2011 14:21, Post No: 16

hey no advertising here "tomtom" lol.

By: freeradical

Added:Wed 04th May 2011 17:17, Post No: 15

And that answer applies to both Toms.

By: freeradical

Added:Wed 04th May 2011 17:16, Post No: 14

Damn straight, Tom.

By: Tom Hampson

Added:Wed 04th May 2011 16:40, Post No: 13

looks like i will be buying this! 

By: tom

Added:Fri 22nd Apr 2011 11:51, Post No: 12

It is just as fantastic as the 10/10 suggests, worth the wait! Quite a lot has gone into the storyline too, and it entire game including puzzles/levels are a fair bit bigger but it doesn't loose anything from it.

By: SegaBoy

Added:Thu 26th Aug 2010 12:39, Post No: 11

It's looking absolutely amazing at this stage.  The only concern I have is the expansion and the demands this places on the design team.

The original Portal was condensed, small rooms where the puzzles were tightly woven.  Portal 2 appears to be on a much larger, grander level and I just hope the puzzles and their solutions don't loose the focus.

Don't want to be walking around aimlessly too much - even if Steven Merchant is providing the comedy in the background.

By: Mickey Dripping Wheeler

Added:Thu 26th Aug 2010 12:31, Post No: 10

Really cant wait for this, couldnt put down the first portal.

User avatar
By: fjgh

Added:Fri 20th Aug 2010 04:37, Post No: 9

This comment has been removed by a moderator.

By: SegaBoy

Added:Wed 09th Jun 2010 21:22, Post No: 8

h7pe usually I agree with most of what you have to say - but on this one you're so wrong I don't even know where to start :)

By: h7pe

Added:Wed 09th Jun 2010 20:26, Post No: 7

I love the half life games, but i never realy got into portal. Didn't see the point of it

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