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Overlord Cheats on Xbox 360

Easy Max Imbued gear

Forge a piece of gear without imbuing anything into it, then, go to upgrade it, put as many minions into it as you want and as soon as the animation starts but before any minions jump into the smelter, hit start to pause the game and exit, when you come back, the minions will have been imbued, but won't have been taken from your supply. Makes it real easy to get the Ultimate gear achievements.

Hidden treasure

Coming out of the east gate of spree there will be a tower right in front of you kill all the halflings there and turn as if your going up the tower and to the rite there will be a small path with 2 chests behind the tower.

Low evil and obtaining servants

You may have heard that to get the servants u must take the food of spree and be the supresser of spree all u must do is kill 7-10 residents and give them their food when all said and done you will only have 10% evil.

Missing troll

At the beginning of the game during the quest for saving the peasents from the slave camp go past Spree and and keep going forward when you come to the bridge kill the Halflings and go down the path to the right.There will be a gate with a lot of halflings around kills the 1s on the tower and the 1s in front of the gate but DO NOT TURN THE WHEEL to the right of the
gate will be an alcove in the trees kill the halflings here before you turn the wheel or there will be a troll that comes out but if you kill all the halflings there will be no troll and it saves minons and health.

Easy life force

The easiest way to obtain life force of all colors is to use the dungeon.

Battler Beetle = 75 brown lifeforce first found outside Castle Spree.
Magma Beetle =75 red lifeforce first found outside Castle Spree.
Puff Beetle =75 green life force first found Viridian Caverns.
Dazzler beetle =75 blue life force first found Moist Hollows.

Best obtained with great armor of any kind and a horde of mostly reds with some blues.

Guard duty

Always have blue minions on guard duty by holding RB and pressing X, Y. While on a guard post, they will actively run into the combat, grab a fallen peer, and drag their half conscious form over to you so they can revive their fallen comrade. However, while not assigned, they will wait for you to micromanage them over to the body by sweeping, making them almost useless in a large battle.


When there is water in front of you or blocking your path, only you can walk through it. If your goblin minions go out of the shallow end of the water they will drown, and can only be saved by blue goblins. Instead of guiding your goblin minions across a complex path to keep out of the water (which they usually fall in anyway and drown), simply walk through the water. Your minions are smart enough not to follow you and will automatically seek the easiest path to get back to you. As long as you leave the Right Analog-stick untouched, they will not enter the water. Be careful; sometimes your minions cannot get through because a bridge needs to be activated (for example, Blue Goblin Cave).

DLC Achievements

AchievementHow to unlock
Demon Master ( 20 points )Conquer the Heavens Peak Abyss.
Dungeon Legend ( 30 points )Defeat all the Expansion Dungeon Creatures.
Extended Pillager ( 20 points )Win 25 ranked Expansion Pillage Maps.
Extended Slayer ( 20 points )Win 25 ranked Expansion Slaughter matches.
Extended Survivor ( 20 points )Last for 45 mins in a Expansion Survival Map.
Hell Raider ( 20 points )Conquer the Mellow Hills Abyss.
Infernal Lord ( 20 points )Conquer the Golden Halls Abyss.
Legendary Overlord ( 50 points )Defeat the 7th Hero in Legendary Mode.
Lord of the Abyss ( 30 points )Conquer the Ruborian Desert Abyss.
Soulblighter ( 20 points )Conquer the Evernight Forest Abyss.

Skipping the first troll

On Legendary, the first troll is very hard and consumes alot of minions. There's an easy way to completely skip him (Make sure you have 10 minions):

Head straight to the troll, and you'll get the cutscene of him getting ready to face you. After that, send all of your minions to open the gate where the crane is, and rush there (the troll will probably kill a few of your minions as they open the gate, but that's better than wasting 20 - 40 minions trying to kill him and also, if the troll is blocking the path, simple lead him away and head through the gate).

Once done, go to the crane and an autosave will occur. This is where the trick comes in: That autosave assumes you defeated the troll as you went further than you were suppose to, therefore, simply leave the area and come back, you'll find the troll has vanished as the game thinks he has been defeated.

Easy soul gathering

In order to do this you must have fought Dazzler Beetles (found in the blue minion cave), Puff Beetles (Evernight), Magma Beetles (outside of Heavens Peak) and Battler Beetles. After you have fought at least one of each, they will be available at your dungeon. Go to your dungeon and choose to fight one of the four. The easiest way to take out the horde of beetles is to pull only a few from the swarm and take your time killing them individually. Green minions work well due to the fact that they are experts at overwhelming and killing your enemies. Set a marker for them to wait at and they will eventually turn invisible. Pull a few beetles and make them follow you to the marker, where your minions will then jump on them and eventually kill them. Battler Beetles are good for getting Brown souls. Puff Beetles are good for getting Green souls. Magma Beetles give red souls and Dazzler beetles give blue souls. You should get at least 75 souls each time you completely kill all of the beetles that are in the dungeon.

Use the following trick for fast green minion soul gathering. When you find the green minion hive you will see five green minions jump into the spawning pit for you to take control of. Do not do that. Instead, go to the tower using the gate beside the tree spawn pits to your right, then return to the green minion hive. Five more green minions will jump into the spawn pit and you will still have the ones from before. You can do this as many times as desired, but after you take the hive it will no longer work.

Free upgrading

Go to Forge and put up to 150 minions into your item. Pause game play when the sequence of the minions jumping in appears before any of them jump in. Quit, and when asked to save select "Yes". Resume the game, and it will have put the minions in but none will be lost.

Easy Rollie Boss battle

Target-lock onto Rollie and start to circle him while he prepares attacks. After he attacks you should be able to get directly behind him while he pauses and circle up to his side. Stand against the tank treads on his side and start hacking away at him. He will not move or try to attack you. You can defeat him in each phase of his battle this way and it requires no minions to do so.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.
AchievementHow to unlock
10 Wins in Pillage ( 30 points )Win 10 ranked Pillage matches.
10 Wins in Slaughter ( 30 points )Win 10 ranked Slaughter matches.
50 Wins in Pillage ( 40 points )Win 50 ranked Pillage matches.
50 Wins in Slaughter ( 40 points )Win 50 ranked Slaughter matches.
Amass Minions ( 10 points )Harvest lots of Lifeforce.
Arcanium Smelter ( 20 points )Retrieve the most Powerful Smelter.
Blue Minions ( 10 points )Retrieve the Blue Hive.
Compete in Pillage ( 10 points )Complete a ranked Pillage match.
Compete in Slaughter ( 10 points )Complete a ranked Slaughter match.
Defeat Goldo ( 20 points )End a Hero's obsession.
Defeat Jewel ( 20 points )Steal a Hero.
Defeat Kahn ( 20 points )Get angry with a Hero.
Defeat Melvin ( 20 points )Puncture a Hero.
Defeat Oberon ( 20 points )Put a Hero to sleep. Permanently.
Defeat Sir William ( 20 points )Cure a Hero of life.
Defeat the Wizard ( 50 points )Defeat the 7th Hero.
Dungeon Dabbler ( 20 points )Defeat half the Dungeon Creatures.
Dungeon Overlord ( 30 points )Defeat all the Dungeon Creatures.
Durium Smelter ( 15 points )Retrieve a powerful Smelter.
Full Arcanium ( 20 points )Forge a full Arcanium set.
Full Corruption ( 50 points )Win with the blackest heart.
Full Durium ( 10 points )Forge a full Durium set.
Green Minions ( 10 points )Retrieve the Green Hive.
Minion Harvester ( 10 points )Harvest Lifeforce.
Minion Hoarder ( 15 points )Harvest a huge amount of Lifeforce.
Minion Multitude ( 40 points )Harvest a massive amount of Lifeforce.
Mistress Master ( 40 points )Fulfill your Mistress's wishes.
Obtain a Mistress ( 20 points )Get yourself a little company and some help spending your money.
Power up the Tower ( 10 points )Retrieve the Tower Heart to power up the Tower.
Rebuild the Tower ( 10 points )Retrieve a Crane to start rebuilding the Tower.
Red Minions ( 10 points )Retrieve the Red Hive.
Retrieve the Food ( 10 points )Retrieve the Food, but will you keep or return it?
Steel Smelter ( 10 points )Retrieve a Smelter.
Superior Survivor ( 20 points )Last for 15 minutes in Survival.
Survivor ( 10 points )Last for 5 minutes in Survival.
Tower Master ( 40 points )Collect all the Tower Objects.
Ultimate Arcanium ( 40 points )Forge an Ultimately Imbued Arcanium Set.
Ultimate Durium ( 20 points )Forge an Ultimately Imbued Durium Set.
Ultimate Horde ( 40 points )Get a full Horde, fully equipped.
Ultimate Steel ( 10 points )Forge an Ultimately Imbued Steel Set.
Ultimate Survivor ( 30 points )Last for 30 minutes in Survival.
Win in Pillage ( 20 points )Win a ranked Pillage match.
Win in Slaughter ( 20 points )Win a ranked Slaughter match.
Zero Corruption ( 50 points )Win with the clearest conscience.

Easy "Minion Multitude" achievement

Enter the dungeon with an ultimately imbued Arcanium Sword and Armor. For the sword, do not balance your minion sacrifices in order to get a little bit of everything. Focus on increasing the damage (brown minions) and a small amount of the green minions to do lots of damage with the power blow. For the armor, do not balance out your minion sacrifices to get a little bit of everything. Focus on increasing the defense (brown minions) and a small amount of the green minions to regenerate life slowly. Do not take any minions with you. When you go into the dungeon, approach each group of enemies slowly to face only a few at a time. When your health gets low, run away and regenerate.

Pumpkin hat

Go to Spree or get just outside of Melvin's Kitchen. Smash some pumpkins and eventually minions without hats will pick up a pumpkin and wear it on their heads.

Easy life force

Go to the tower dungeon and use the staged fights to earn lifeforce. Use a mix of minions to set ambushes and revive losses. Note: You cannot use spells.

Easy weapons and armor

During the early parts of the game, if you die and have weak minions go to Halfling Homes or the village of Spree. Break all the objects to get new weapons and armor.