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Over the Hedge Cheats on GameCube

Attack: Energy Level 2

Complete 75 Objectives.

Attack: Energy Level 3

Complete 110 Objectives.

Attack: Finishing Moves

Complete 20 Objectives.

Attack: Ground Pound

Complete 50 Objectives.

Minigame: Bumper Carts 1

Complete 15 Objectives.

Minigame: Bumper Carts 2

Complete 45 Objectives.

Minigame: Bumper Carts 3

Complete 80 Objectives.

Minigame: Bumper Carts 4

Complete 115 Objectives.

Minigame: Race Track 1

Complete 25 Objectives.

Minigame: Race Track 2

Complete 60 Objectives.

Minigame: Race Track 4

Complete 125 Objectives.

Minigame: Range Driver 1

Complete 10 Objectives.

Minigame: Range Driver 2

Complete 40 Objectives.

Minigame: RC Rally 3

Complete 90 Objectives.

All Moves

Pause the game, then hold L and R and enter Y, X, Y, B, B, X.