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Operative: No One Lives Forever, The Cheats on PC

Cheat Mode

Press T during game play, then type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

All armor optionsmpyoulooklikeyouneedamonkey
All mapsmpbeenthere
All weapon upgradesmpgoattech
All weapons and full ammompkingoftehmonstars or mpmimimi
All weapons, ammo and itemsmpsanta
Current mission completedmpmaphole
Exit gamempmiked
God mode ( see Note )mpimyourfather
Gore modempexorbitantamounts
Ohio teasermpgod
Paintball modempflowerpower
Press [Keypad Plus] to return to start of levelmpteleport
Remove all AI playersmpboyisuck
Restore armormpwonderbra
Restore healthmpdrdentz
Show game versionmpbuild
Spawn motorcyclempracerboy
Spawn snowmobilemprosebud
Temporarily invisible to the camerampcam
Third person viewmpcamera
Toggle invisibilitympwhoami
Toggle position displaymppos
Toggle third person viewmpasscam
Trigger all activate boxesmptriggers
Unknown effectmphookmeup
Unknown effectmpcampos
Unknown effectmpbreach
Unknown effectmppoly
Unknown effectmpfov
Unknown effectmplightadd
Unknown effectmplightscale
Unknown effectmpwmpos
Unknown effectmpwpos
Unlimited ammunitionmpwegotdeathstar
Walk through wallsmpclip

Note: This code only affects the current level and must be re-activated with each new level.

Alpine Intrigue: Mystery weapon

In scene 4 immediately after you blow up the barrels, go a few turns and you will take a left curve at one point. There are two enemies there that you kill, then two more men that will come running around the corner. Kill them and directly in front and above you is a gun with a wooden stock and a magazine that protrudes out the side. However, you cannot reach it.

Berlin By Night: Hidden message

Make your way into the sewer. At the foot of the ladder, there will be an impassable grate to your right. If you look through it, you will see a sign that says "Mandatory FPS Sewer".

Berlin By Night: Unacceptable civilian casualties

Enable the mpasscam code and hit somebody with your hands and the barette poison capsule. Nothing will happen. However, if you hit them in first person mode, a message stating "Unacceptable civilian casualties" will appear. Note: This may also work on other levels.

Misfortune In Morroco: Comment

In scene 1, shoot the ambassador to hear a funny remark of someone saying "Damn it, can't you shoot straight?"

Misfortune In Morocco: Cate stands

Get to the place where you are supposed to meet Bruno. Make sure he is straight ahead. Keep going forward until you see markings on the floor. Shoot Bruno, then quickly walk forward. If done fast enough, you will see Cate just standing there. If you skip it, you will see Bruno's dead body on the floor.

Misfortune In Morocco: Corpse desecration

When Bruno dies, shoot his legs. A message will appear, stating that you are desecrating Bruno's corpse.

Misfortune In Morocco: Simian casualties

At the start of the level you will see a man with a monkey talking to a guard. If you kill the monkey, a message will appear stating that there have been unacceptable simian casualties.

Rendezvous In Hamburg: Coin trick

Take out a coin and throw it at someone's body. It will slide down their legs and go onto the floor.

Unexpected Turbulence: Hidden sequence

Wait until you have to grab the chute. Before the scene fades out, shoot the man with the parachute. In the intermission sequence, you should see the man fall through the barn, and then see Cate fall through it. You will lose the level, but it is funny to watch.

Sleeping woman

When you first start out in the training building, walk around until you find a window with a blind all the way down, one crooked, and one three quarters of the way up. A woman will be sitting there with several "Z"s floating around her head. Give the window a good whack and she will jerk a bit and get back to her laptop.

Proximity explosives

Proximity explosives will stick to anything grayish.

Flying motorcycles and snowmobiles

Start a multi-player "H.A.R.M. vs. UNITY" game with motorcycles or snowmobiles. Go behind a motorcycle or a snowmobile. Use your belt buckle zipcord on a target to start moving up. Quickly use the motorcycle or snowmobile and you will board it, and fly. To go higher, ride over hills.

Double characters

Enable all codes, most importantly mpasscam, mpmimimi, and mpgoattech. Switch to any weapon with a scope and zoom in, then zoom out. You will now be able to run and shoot in first person view while a third person Archer is doing the same in front of you.

Stuck grenade

Throw a Proximity Grenade up on the gray stripe ceiling in The Pad level. The explosive will stick and stay on the ceiling.

Invincible receptionist

In The Assignment level, enable the mpsanta and take a weapon out. Go to the woman that is next to the left door. You will see a small opening where people put money. Shoot her a few times through it and you will see her body go back and hear a little scream. She will still be alive. If look at her from a different perspective, she will not have any gunshots on her.

Man does not die

Just before the intermission sequence in The Assignment level, where you meet two people and discuss why agents are vanishing from Unity, enable the mpsanta code. Shoot the fat man in the head and walk forward. You will see blood, but he will return to his normal position.

Disappearing woman

In The Assignment level, enable the mpsanta code. Go through the door. Keep walking until you see a woman with her head down on your right. Take out a gun and shoot her in the head. She will go to the floor and disappear.

Dark scientist

After the intermission sequence where you talk about Volkov in The Assignment level, look to your left. There will be a mirror with a dark person behind it. Enable the mpsanta code, take out a gun, shoot the window, and jump inside. Go up to the person and you will see that he is very dark with no face. He will fall to the floor and disappear.

Enter briefing room

On the assignment level the "observation" room by the briefing room is out of bounds. An annoying female voice keeps telling you that you cannot get in. Enable the mpsanta and shoot the glass from in the briefing room (GeldmacherSVD recommended). The glass will break and you can go inside. You cannot do anything except kill the man inside (the game will not end).