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Submitted by Chris Leyton on June 3 2004 - 00:00

To tide Onimusha fans over until we finally get to sample the delights of Onimusha 3: Demon Siege, comes an unlikely spin-off in the shape of Onimusha: Blade Warriors. Taking characters from the first two titles and placing them into an action/combat title along similar lines to PowerStone, sadly the overall lack of polish and simplistic gameplay results in a title hardly worthy of the Onimusha tagline.

The combat system is mediocre at best, offering two types of attacks and a modifier button to launch a variety of â??Orbâ?? special attacks. Throughout the arena youâ??ll come across a wide range of weapons, ranging from the typical blades to wackier weapons such as baseball bats and machine guns. The combat system features combos, but seeing as even the most basic kick and fist attacks can break through blocks, it leaves the whole system without any continuity â?“ it truly is a case of just button bashing for the main. As with previous Onimusha titles you can absorb Orbs and other assorted goodies, which can be used to upgrade your characters abilities, whilst some missions require you to collect a certain amount before progressing.

Strangely each location is split up into planes, which youâ??re free to jump between by double-tapping either up or down on the d-pad. This adds a brief sense of tactics to the overall structure; however it does come across as slightly cumbersome on odd occasions and adds to the overall disjointed feeling when playing through the game.

Naturally the main appeal stems from the ability to hook up a multitap and enjoy some four-player bouts in the VS mode; however the game also features a Story mode for Single-Players. Despite the series lineage however fans shouldnâ??t go expecting too much from this, as the game is hardly tied together with a strong story whilst the cut-scenes are nowhere near to the quality we expect and demand from an Onimusha title.

Considering the previous Onimusha titles and Capcomâ??s stature in the fighting genre, this weak attempt at merging the two comes across as wholly disappointing; quite simply they could have stuck Jubei and Nobunga in go-karts and it would have had the same effect. That said thereâ??s some fun to be had when fighting against three of your friends, whilst the concept is likely to appeal to Onimusha fanatics; sadly thereâ??s just not enough depth to the combat system, whilst the woeful presentation lets the side down.

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Overall Score: 6/10

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