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Submitted by Kiran Earwaker on December 3 2010 - 12:52

$9.99 plan grants access to a range of older titles...

Cloud gaming pioneer OnLive has revealed a new flat-rate plan to complement the outright buying of games on the service. The $9.99 plan enables players to stream various games, including Prince of Persia, Lego Batman, and NBA 2K10 without purchasing them individually.

The ‘PlayPack’ plan only grants access to a limited number of games and doesn’t replace the option to buy games on the service. Titles like Assassin’s Creed II, Borderlands, and Batman Arkham Asylum will still only be available for full purchase or time-limited rental.

OnLive ships with a standard two stick controller and consists of a MicroConsole TV adapter that connects to your TV and broadband. Games are played ‘in the cloud’, running on OnLive servers that feed back a video stream of your gameplay, so there’s no need for a physical console or local processing unit. The service launched in the US yesterday; a British release date is yet to be announced, although BT bought the exclusive UK distribution rights in May earlier this year.

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User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Fri 17th Feb 2012 14:45, Post No: 8

piracy is or will soon be a thing of the past or at least internet piracy, just a few weeks ago megaupload was sut down followed by a chain reaction of other share sites restricting and even shutting the selfs down to avoid being treated like megaupload.


even now in the past week or so btjunkie suddenly shut its self down and no doubt other torrent sites have or will follow suit, it looks like the days where anyone could simply download what they wanted when they wanted is over and hopfully in the comming months/years we will see a change and hopefully an improvment in the quality of games, music, movies and tv shows as the studios recoupe there losses from piracy.

By: freeradical

Added:Tue 18th May 2010 10:49, Post No: 7

@ Post 6: Destruction Derby - that takes me back. It was the same on N64 too... many games came in at around the £50 mark, so I certainly take your point on that one.

I think you make good points on the whole piracy issue as well, particularly about the rising price of development costs and alike. And yes, piracy is clearly morally wrong - you won't hear me claiming otherwise.

Don't forget, though, that this industry was built on piracy during the late 80s and early 90s on platforms such as the ZX Spectrum, PC, and Amiga. Back then, one of the main ways gamers found out about new titles was by receiving copied games from friends etc.

Developers rarely complained about the issue then as a copied version of their game was essentially free publicity and was more likely to help rather than harm sales. Of course now, when triple A games receive very large marketing/advertising budgets and cost millions to develop, piracy is now purely a hindrance for publishers.

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Mon 17th May 2010 16:27, Post No: 6

well for as long as piracy goes on the more likely it is that pretty much sooner or later all games companies/developers will have all there games released as download only/like onlive, why download the game illeagaly then if you like it buy it when if you liked the game in the first place you would have bought it without even thinking of downloading the pirated version. then also theres nothing forcing anyone to buy the games on day of release as many shops/online either a week or a few months later slash the price down anyway.


as for games costing £50 they have only gone up by £5 in the last 15 years so why is everyone moaning about it, i remember paying £45 for destruction derby 2 on the ps1 when it came out so realy the price hasnt changed much just everyones attitude to games sales in general especially with a system like the ps2 with games comming out on it costing just £30 (maybe cause its an old format and everyones upgrading to the current gen).


with games getting bigger and closer to cinima like experiences the development teams for games has increased dramaticly with all these new/extra staff members it costs a lot to develop games and the huge profits you lot are moaning about goes into developmant and research into future projects ie polyphony digitals GT games would you prefer it if they diddnt do any research or development and keep releasing the same game over and over, NO tought not.


quit pirating games as a whole rather than trying a game out as at least 90% of games that are pirated wont result in a purchase of the retail game.


piracy already claimed midway (mortal combat) akklaim (juiced) carry on downloading pirated games and pretty soon youll have no new games to play on, remember you wouldnt steal from your family so why steal from anyone else, piracy is THEFT END OF.

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Sat 15th May 2010 15:04, Post No: 5

When I see large publishers posting billion dollar profits for fourth quarter sales I am not moved by their whining about piracy.

Real consumers that have handed over their hard earned money and are then treated to draconian DRM that "requires" a constant internet conection to use something they payed for!! thats why piracy is increasing in my opinion.....if you get a better gaming experience from a pirated version of say assassins creed 2 than you do a legitimate copy (I own a real copy) then what the hey.


The big companies are using the piracy card all too often to try to convince us that their ideas are fabulous!

By: freeradical

Added:Fri 14th May 2010 18:49, Post No: 4

I hear you dude, but I don't think any drop in piracy is going to stop the big publishers charging £50 for a triple A new release. They know people will pay it, so they will charge it. Make no mistake, publishers aren't sitting there wanting to charge less but can't simply because of the piracy.

I'm not condoning piracy by any stretch of the imagination - in fact, I'm totally against it. However, it does grate at me a little when publishers complain about the problem like they've been deeply wronged by consumers. The same publishers will happily overcharge for games and DLC that are in high demand.

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Fri 14th May 2010 06:56, Post No: 3

if onlive costs the same as xbox live per year then id considder it as an alternative besides both microsoft nintendo and sony are also jumping on the bandwaggon with games on demand ect, the main thing is at the moment you have a chioce, you either buy your games from a retail outlet or online store or you download your game direct to your console knowing fully you will never get your money back if you dont like the game or when you have completed it and have no intrest in it no more,


i think the real reason behind the download to your console / stream the game is to stop / reduce piracy of games ect as it is one of the industrys biggest problems, no piracy = cheaper games = no need for cloud computing, only the sooner the pirates stop making illegal copies of games / DVD's the sooner we can start to enjoy paying lass for out games / DVD's.

By: freeradical

Added:Thu 13th May 2010 20:27, Post No: 2

I hear what you're saying, but I think the point with cloud computing services such as Gaikai and OnLive is that they're a more cost effective way for consumers to play a wide range of games when a triple-A new release costs £50 at retail.

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Thu 13th May 2010 16:14, Post No: 1

Is it just me or is this latest trend toward pushing us all into cloud computing just a complete U-Turn in the home computer/entertainment market?

Many years ago ALL high quality video game entertainment had to be payed for in an arcade "stick your £1 in the slot for x minutes or till you die"

Then came the home computer and the console "BUY the game play it when ever, FOREVER"

QUOTE "And it’s great for BT - it will enhance our premium broadband position and we’ll be entering into a market that’s worth more than £2billion"

Dear God are we NOT already being told what we can and can't do enough? are we NOT already filling "the man's " pockets with enough of our money?

At this rate by 2015 nobody will own anything at all, we will all be renting everything from a very few HUGE multinational conglomerates that are the most powerfull "lords of the manor" history will have ever seen!


This trend absolutely must be stopped or the world will become owned by a very few people and we will have less rights than our pets.

Please do not buy into this "fabulous" plan it is only "fabulous" for the man.!!!!!!