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By: freeradical

Added:Thu 08th Dec 2011 15:10, Post No: 48

@Post 47: I agree. Clearly he now works in more of an overseeing role at Nintendo, which is why it's great to hear that he wants to return to more personal projects. Some of his greatest innovations in gaming have come from influences in his personal life or childhood experiences - it would be great to see him drawing from that again.

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Thu 08th Dec 2011 13:54, Post No: 47

But what about his input designing and shaping Nintendo's hardware and overall strategies? I believe that's what he's referring to and no wonder Nintendo's PRs are trying to downplay the situation.

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Mon 28th Nov 2011 22:26, Post No: 46

[#@!?] sucks

By: SegaBoy

Added:Wed 30th Mar 2011 16:55, Post No: 45

Couldnt believe how many times the 3DS crashes - usually Nintendo devices are pretty reliable...

Shame you cant just blow the dust out of the cartridge...

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Wed 30th Mar 2011 16:39, Post No: 44

Re-format your SD memory card. It fixed it for me :D

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Sun 27th Mar 2011 12:06, Post No: 43


User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Sat 05th Mar 2011 12:18, Post No: 42

nintendo has nothing to worry about as for a handheld to play proper hand held games yu need buttons and thats just what the ipod/phone doesnt have (ever tried playing an FPS on the ipod/phone its the worst experience youll ever have) never mind graphics on a handheld graphcs never takes over its always gameplay hands down, nintendo knows what its doing the only way apple can compete with nintendo is if they add buttons to the ipod/phone and we know that just isnt going to happen.

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Thu 03rd Mar 2011 20:12, Post No: 41

i think the 3ds will be  the most popular handheld in quite sometime i saw a video of the launch in japan and the store the reporters were in had WALLS of 3ds accessories and nintendo zone kiosks thats why its so popular there i hope nintendo considers putting the nintendo zones here in the us the only think that can ruin any good systems is accessabilityit has to be available and fully usable by the public i do believe nintendo has what it takes to compete with apple but their gonna have to up the anty that means blue tooth skype facebook android market get the hint they just need to stay on top of the tech trends and theyll be fine its not the piracy thats the issue it that nintendos systems usually use older technology which in retrospect leaves it slightly lacking but as a true nintendo fan i say NINTENDO 4 EVER!

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Mon 17th Jan 2011 14:14, Post No: 40

wow lol.  i didn't even know a ds-vs-psp 'war' existed haha.

surely they're not comparable?  they're two very different beats.  maybe psp2 with its touch pad technology can be compared to it.


for ME.  (notice i said me, meaning the following sentance isn't fact, merely my own opinion).

the psp2 having 2 analogue sticks gets me all excited that i might actually be able to play proper gamer games properly on it.

the DS, which i bought my son many years ago, is 99.9% absolutely rubbish games.  with a handful (excuse the pun) of really really good ones.

the psp, has a wide selection of real games on it.  it really really suffers from having just the one stick though, which psp2 remedies.  so here's hoping it's all i've been hoping for.

and no doubt, i'll get a 3DS for my 11 year old, as that's clearly nintendos target judging by the games on DS.

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Wed 01st Sep 2010 10:08, Post No: 39

The DS had less power than the PSP, yet it outsold it easy, when the 3DS comes out (unless sony maniges to release a PSP2 in time which is unlikely) the PSP will be forgoten and kicked out of the handheld market

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