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Submitted by Chris Leyton on March 1 2005 - 14:02

Neighbours from Hell is an Xbox/GameCube conversion of a little-known PC title, released in 2003 by JoWood. Taking the role of Woody, players must infiltrate the loud and obnoxious neighbours and set up a variety of pranks, in what is worryingly described as â??Beadles Aboutâ? meets â??Big Brotherâ?.

So what transpires is walking around a house, randomly clicking on objects in the hope that somehow they will combine to activate a gag, whilst avoiding the occupants who will attempt to knock Woody black and blue if they discover him â?“ and thatâ??s about it. The solution to the various â??puzzlesâ? is often an obscure one and thereâ??s precious little else to do within the game; quite honestly weâ??ve seen more depth in web games and have to question the feasibility of this arriving on the consoles let alone why anybody would want it.

Of more concern is the simple fact that itâ??s just not very funny; once youâ??ve seen one gag youâ??ve literally seen them all, and itâ??s certainly not enough to sustain your interest beyond the first five minutes.

The game does feature a somewhat striking visual technique akin to Aardman Animations clay stop-motion, although sadly without the charm and certainly not enough reason to justify any interest within this â??videogameâ?.

When Neighbours from Hell arrived through the door it came with a package of gags such as Fart Powder and Joke Sweets; itâ??s just a little disconcerting that thereâ??s more fun and longevity to be had out of a bunch of novelty items then this worrying excuse for a videogame.

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Overall Score: 2/10

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