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NBA Ballers: Chosen One Cheats on Xbox 360


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
3-Pointer ( 25 points )Defeat Episode 3
Achiever ( 25 points )Perform a Level 3 Shut 'Em Down Move in any Ranked Match
Big Air ( 50 points )Make a 3-pt. Shot in a 2v2 match beyond the Half-Court Line in Single Player Game Modes
Can't Stop the Reign ( 100 points )Unlock all Super Dunks
Dedicated ( 100 points )Win 25 Ranked Matches
Double Double ( 100 points )Defeat every Episode of Story Mode twice
Dynasty! ( 40 points )Defeat Episode 4
Free Throw ( 25 points )Defeat Episode 1
Getting Into It ( 25 points )Win 5 Ranked Matches
Hall-of-Fame! ( 200 points )Defeat Episode 6
Jump Shot ( 25 points )Defeat Episode 2
Just Getting Started ( 20 points )Complete Your First Chapter of Story Mode
Legend! ( 50 points )Defeat Episode 5
Loser ( 0 points )Lose 5 consecutive ranked matches.
Own the Court ( 50 points )Perform a 7-Move Combo String in Single Player Game Modes
Pass the Rock! ( 20 points )Complete an Alley-Oop from your Pass-To Buddy in a Single Player 1v1 or Xbox LIVE Match
Respect ( 10 points )Watch the Credits Movie.
Show Off! ( 100 points )Perform a Level 3 Shut 'Em Down Move in a Single Match in Single Player Game Modes
Show-n-Prove ( 25 points )Perform a Shut 'Em Down Move in a Ranked Match
Takin' it Downtown ( 10 points )Win Your First Ranked Match on Xbox LIVE

1v1v1 opponent Act-A-Fool combos

When you are playing a 1v1v1 game and one of your opponents does an Act-A-Fool combo on your other opponent, you can run up and steal the ball from him. They will both remain standing there, as if it is still going on.

Easy Crowd Alley-Oop

Press A to pass to your pass-to-partner. Run near the basket to the end of the charge line that is closer to you (and not your player). Once you get there, stop and press X. This will make your pass-to-partner throw you an alley-oop. Your player will automatically jump up for the ball and dunk it. This will get blocked sometimes, but it is the easiest way to do it.

Easy win

Get three Shut Em' Down platforms. Create a baller has a Dunk Shut Em' Down which is activated by RT + LT, it ends the match. If it is a long match or one you cannot beat them them, do a lot of tricks and make sure they are better at dunking than shooting or he will shoot it and you will win.