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Submitted by Derek dela Fuente on November 1 2004 - 12:36

There is no doubt that the original Myst games, especially the first, sparked off a number of adventure game developers to tone down their games and copy the path that Cyan trod in presenting an adventure game brand that traversed ambient, almost stark, but wonderfully drawn settings. Myst conveyed a sense of real quality in its visual presentation and the way the melodic sounds used within the locations further highlighted the tension and intrigue on offer, which were mesmeric. There was always the sense of something really big impending.

Captivating puzzles, a universe that really captured the gamerâ??s imagination to want to find out more were all delicately put together. The â??moreishâ?? nature of the game/s was laid back but conversely in your face. The Myst world contradicted all before it. You did not have to be loud; you could grab gamerâ??s attention by soft and poetic ideas. Superb FMV, captivating story and puzzles - well, they always had you impressed with their undemanding inventiveness but coming over with complexity. Cyan broke the rules but it worked.

The real problem with Myst IV is it offers lush graphics, a somewhat enchanting story and some really weird, possibly wonderful, locations but from the onset you ask yourself, why? Has the â??Mystâ?? novelty worn off or, as we believe, this time around, the team has got the mix wrong. Why do I feel like a â??muppetâ?? going from one location to another, looking at items, solving puzzles and being sadly only mildly entertained? Is it because the game offers nothing new and that it hasnâ??t any soul? Everything is so detailed, with pretty and stylised presentation but it disappoints. Myst stood for inventiveness and creation of many well formed ideas. Now it looks like a carbon copy of many of its previous releases! Letâ??s hope the fifth title will revert back to form.

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Overall Score: 5/10

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User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Thu 14th Aug 2008 22:57, Post No: 2

Yeah, that memory chamber combination is freakish. I believe i have the proper pattern to change the colors to what is needed to open the chamber, but in what format do you do this to produce it. Plus, does this all have to be in one shot before hitting the button below?

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Tue 24th Jun 2008 16:25, Post No: 1

Forgot the amulet colours in Spire, went through the dream sequence, relised I need my particular amulet colours and wemt back to spire to get the combination but still cannot open the door in the old memory chamber