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Lost: Via Domus

As a passenger of Oceanic flight 815, you survived the crash and find yourself on an uncharted island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. As you begin to unravel mysteries of the island, you begin to discover secrets of your own. You will have to understand your past mistakes in order to survive and find your way home...

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Lost: Via Domus


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By: Extreme Gamer

Added:Thu 22nd May 2008 13:09, Post No: 10

Big fan of the series, the game is also good. But nothing new to keep me happy.

By: doomey

Added:Sat 22nd Mar 2008 11:36, Post No: 9

yeah it was not really that challenging, the fuse puzzles where dumb though..yuk.

By: Fast Fingers

Added:Mon 17th Mar 2008 22:41, Post No: 8

I thought this game was very bad its very short and dull the grahic are rubbish and the story is less fun that counting sheep! I only had it for one day and 100% finshed it!

By: doomey

Added:Mon 17th Mar 2008 20:02, Post No: 7

This is probably one of the worst Xbox titles. Ubisoft Montreal made the game, which also amazes me. Without giving to much away, you play a new charachter who has amnesia (sp) your quest is to help him recover his memory. You do encounter some of losts regular cast members, most are voiced by terrible impersonators. On a plus side, the acheviements are easy, you could easily acheive all the points (complete game) in one day. Worth a rent, but not a purchase.

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Wed 12th Mar 2008 04:17, Post No: 6

Hmmm, Interesting...since im a Die-Hard LOST fan i will probably get it. I WAS kinda hoping it wwould answer some questions but oh well. Thanks for the heads up.

By: Lost

Added:Mon 10th Mar 2008 01:30, Post No: 5

Right i am in the hatch i av imputted what im meant to in the computer i see a door open but when i get out of the coputer there is no door open in that room for me to get out of can soemone please help me

By: Spec 0ps s0ulja

Added:Sat 08th Mar 2008 21:41, Post No: 4

this game appears to be wack i suggest rainbow six vegas2 that comes out this tuesday

By: Yayyo

Added:Fri 07th Mar 2008 18:30, Post No: 3

i will get this game but am not hopeing for anything to good. it just seems like another way to gain on an allready popular title just like the release of a vidio game to movie this year hmmm... Hitman

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Mon 03rd Mar 2008 18:52, Post No: 2

So let me get tjis straight - Elliot is responsible for the plane crashing in the first place - I'm not buying that...

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Fri 27th Jul 2007 11:28, Post No: 1

>: Find us >: and we will show you the way >: >: