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Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Cheats on GameCube

1 Rupee Red Potion and Oil

Need Oil and Red Potions for just paying one rupee? Find out here!
Go to the shop near the Forest Temple, and get out your bottle. Take the oil and run out. The bird will say "...THEIF!"
Run back in and check the box and put in one rupee.
You're off scot-free! You can do this as much as desired.

Bottle: Fishing Hole

Go to the fishing hole, and find the sign that says: No Littering! You can get a bottle if you fish on the right side of the bridge that is near that sign. Its darker water than normal.

Bomb Bag Upgrades

There are 3 bomb bags to obtain and 1 capacity upgrade that affects all 3 bags.

Effect - Code
Bomb Bag 1 - Purchase from Barnes Bomb Shop in Kakariko after 2nd temple.
Bomb Bag 2 - Free the goron from the giant lava rock located underwater in zoras domain.
Bomb Bag 3 - Destroy the rock barriers for the River Canoe mini-game owner.
Bomb Bag Capacity Upgrade (Double) - Score 25 points or more on the River Canoe Mini-Game.

Malo Mart-Castle Branch and Magic Armor

After donating 1000 rupees and completing the hot springwater sidequest, donate 2000 more rupees to Malo Mart. A new Malo Mart will open in Castle Town and magic armor will be available for purchase there. The amount owed can be reduced.


After locating the Gerudo Mesa and Cave of Ordeals in the Gerudo desert, you are able to unlock fairies and later Great Fairies at each spring around Hyrule. Smaller fairies can be bottled, restore 8 hearts when used, or when you run out of hearts. Great Fairies will give you a bottle full of Great Fairy Tears, which heal you full and temporarily boost your attack, provided you have an empty bottle and no Tears in your inventory already.

Both have an infinite supply once unlocked.

Effect - Code

Fairies in the Eldin Spring - Complete 30 rooms in the Cave of Ordeals
Fairies in the Faron Spring - Complete 20 rooms in the Cave of Ordeals
Fairies in the Lanayru Spring - Complete 40 rooms in the Cave of Ordeals
Fairies in the Ordon Spring - Complete 10 rooms in the Cave of Ordeals
Great Fairies in all springs - Complete 50 rooms in the Cave of Ordeals

Poe Rewards

You can unlock certain rewards for returning Poes back to Jiovani.

Effect - Code

200 Rupees (talk to him again for another 200) - Bring back 60 Poe Souls to Jiovani.
Bottle W/ Fairy Tears - Bring back 20 Poe Souls to Jiovani.

Quiver Upgrades

To upgrade you arrow capacity, you need to play the "STAR" game located in the large tent in Southeast Hyrule Castle Town.

Effect - Code

Big Quiver (60 Arrows) - Beat "STAR" game lvl. 1. (Clawshot Required)
Giant Quiver (100 Arrows) - Beat "STAR" game lvl. 2 .(Double Clawshot Required)

Unlocking the frog lure

To unlock the frog lure, beat all the levels of rollgoal in the fishing hut at Upper Zora's River. To play, look around for a little board and when you see at, press up on the C-Stick and look directly at it for a second. She'll ask you to play for 5 rupees.

Effect - Code

Frog lure - Beat 8 levels of Rollgoal

Wallet Upgrades

To upgrade your wallet size to carry more rupees, you need to catch Golden bugs for Agatha in Hyrule Castle Town.

Effect - Code

Big Wallet - Give Agatha 1 Golden Bug
Giant Wallet - Give Agatha all 24 Golden Bugs

Control a Cucco!

Unlike other Zelda games (where you got attacked if you hit the Cuccos), in Twilight Princess if you hit a Cucco about 8 times, you'll be able to control it for a short period of time.

Distract the final boss

In the final boss battle, cast the fishing rod to distract him and get in a few easy hits.

Donation Reduction

Donate 1000 rupees to Goron inside the Malo Mart in Kakariko Village (you must progress past the third dungeon beforehand). Talk to the old Goron outside the shop and complete the quest he offers. Once completed, the second donation amount will be reduced from 2000 to 200 rupees.

Easily discover Heart Pieces

To easily find the locations of all Heart Pieces, go to Fanadi's Palace in Hyrule Castle Town and pay her 10 Rupees for a Love fortune. You will then see an area in the game that will contain a Heart Piece around it, obtainable in some fashion. You can keep paying her to show you other locations, but she will sometimes repeat the same location a few times over.

Worms for fishing

If you go into the fishing hole behind the sign at the very entrance there will 3 little mounds of dirt. Turn into the wolf and dig these up, earth worms will appear, scoop them up in an empty bottle and use them as bait for your fishing hook to make fishing extra easy!

Defeating Morpheel

When you first get into Morpheel's Chamber, there's just a sphere with tentacles and an eye running through the tentacles. Keep the Iron Boots on. Get far away from it, then slowly walk towards it until it attacks you. When it does, quickly unattach the Iron Boots or you'll lose a heart. After it attacks you, move a step or two backwards from the place it attacked you from. When its eye is in sight, use your Clawshot to move it toward you. Hurry and attack it, because it'll bounce back to Morpheel if you don't hurry.

After you claw and attack its eye 3 times, The rest of Morpheel will come out of the ground, revealing its true form. Unequip the Iron Boots, then swim up above it. Now, there's an eye on top of it near its head. Get close to its eye, but stay away from its mouth. Clawshot its eye, and start attacking. After you do this three times, Morpheel will be defeated, leaving the last fused shadow, and a Heart Container.

Final Battle: Walkthrough

Part 1, Ganons Puppet Zelda: This is basicly the same as fighting Ganondorf on Ocaraina of time. When Ganon shoot a ball of light use your sword to shoot back (Dont forget to dodge his Triforce and Chargeing attacks). Reapeat this 3 times and move on.

Part 2, Beast Ganon: Ganon will transform into a beast and this part is best done in beast form too so I recomend it. When Ganon charges at you, press A and Minda will grab his head so move the control stick and throw him over then when hes on his side jump on him and take large chunks out. Reapeat 6 times and move on.

Part 3, Dark Lord Ganondorf (Horseback): This Part is easy follow Ganondorf around Hyrule Field and lock him on and Zelda will shoot light arrows at him. While hes stunned slice him. Reapeat a few times and move on.

Part 4, Dark Lord Ganondorf: This will be a long battle so when ever theres a chance to do a sword clash press A and reapeatadly press A and then some heavy damage. Do some Back Slices and Helm Splitters to hurt him aswell and you can distract him with your fishing rod. When hes on his back to a Finish and get that Triforce sign off him for good! Dont forget to watch the credits theres some bonus sceanes during it!

Getting boomerang easy

If youre having trouble beating the monkey w/ the boomerang because of all those mutated deku babas, press start a couple of times to skip the scene where he cuts loose the first 2, and when you start, they shouldnt be there. run straight to the circle of pillars, and he will attack you with the 'rang instead of freeing the babas. he might bring down one, but its better than all four! stay in the circle, wait for him to throw the rang, and roll into the pillar he's on. when he falls use jump attacks.

3 N64 Game Refrences

1. In Sacred Grove the backround song is Saria's song from the ocarina od time
2. In the same place the guy with the flute is the skull kkid from Majoras Mask.
3. The theme of The Queen of Zoras and Prince Ralis is the Serenade of Water song from Ocarina of time.

Crazy postman

The postman's craziest hideing spot is on the zora river you need a AR to get there you use the Super clawshot code.

P.S. He is on some wood somewhere.

Free and easy arrows

This also works for the wii. You must be in wolf form and u must have cleared Castle town of twilight must be able to switch from human to wolf at will

Go to castle town during the daytime as a wolf and terrorize the citizens in the main square, guards will come running at you but will stay a few feet away. when enough have collected, do midna's force field thing to them. This will cause the guards to run in fear and drop about 3 arrow drops and a few hearts.

Bug catching tip

Note: this only works for the flying bugs.

1. Find a "Hard to reach bug"

2. Get out your lantern

3. The bug will fly to you

Having trouble talking to the cats by old lady's house?

You can get a piece of a heart by talking to all the cats by the old lady's house (you have to be able to turn into a wolf at will). First talk to the cucco and he'll tell you what to do. Then talk to a cat and it'll say something and tell you how many you have talked to. After talking to a cat, turn into human and pick up the cat, and go where the cucco is and drop the cat (that way the cats can't run away and accidently count them again). After talking to all the cats talk to the cucco again and he'll tell you where the prize is.

Easy way to make money

An easy way to make money is by going to the "Flight by Vow". Pay 20 rupees, then fly to the cave where their are 3 giant statues of snakes. Fly on top of one of the statues and their are 3 treasure boxes. Open all of them. and you'll be a lot richer. ( You must have the clawshot to go on the other two statues).

Poe hint

Having trouble finding poes? Some poes only come out at night. So if you've looked everywhere, make sure you look during both day and night.

Easy way to see bugs

Having trouble seeing the bugs? An easy way is to turn into a wolf and turn on your senses. (Recomended in a big field) The use the c stick and slowly look around the whole field. If you see a small light, that probably is a bug (since they glow.) ( You must have the ability to turn into a wolf at will.)

How to defeat zant

When you fight Zant, if you notice he teleports you to a battle arena you previously had to fight in. (example) The first arena is where you used the boomerang to kill the boss and get the first shadow piece. When Zant is in the air, use the boomerang to knock him down. Then start hitting him with your sword. Remember, when you already had to fight a boss, use the weapon on Zant you used to fight the previous boss.

Balloon poppers

Their is a game when you fly over water and pop the balloons. To watermelon are worth 1,the orange balloons are worth 3 and the strawberry balloons are worth 10 points. Every time you pop the same type of balloon twice you get double what its worth. I'll use straw berries for an example. If you hit a strawberry balloon once you get 10 points hit it again you get 20 points, again you get 40, again you get 80. You can hit the same balloon up to 10 times until it wont multiply higher. To start howl by the bird calling weeds in the Hylian lake. (You must be able to turn into a wolf when desired)

watermelon orange strawberry

1 1+ 3+ 10+
2 2+ 6+ 20+
3 4+ 12+ 40+
4 8+ 24+ 80+
5 16+ 48+ 160+
6 32+ 96+ 320+
7 64+ 192+ 640+
8 128+ 384+ 1280+
9 256+ 768+ 2560+
10 512+ 1536+ 5120+

Note: it will really help if you only hit the strawberries.

Canoe Bow and Arrow Boom

In the upper Zora River you can pay 20 rupees to go on a canoe and shoot the jars. (dont worry, you get an unlimitede amout of arrows and bombs).You must get 25 points or higher to win a bomb bag. As you go down the river you see things that look like jars. You have to shoot those. The Yellow are worth 1 point and the red are worth two. You can zoom out to steer the canoe, but you don't have to steer it too much. If you run into something, you will lose 1 point. The river mostly steers you. (just my opinion, dont steer the canoe).

Defeating Fyrus

Fyrus is the giant looking molten rock monster. To defeat him you must run to the opposite sid eof the room. Then take out your hero's bow and shoot him where he is glowing on the head. Now he is screaming in pain, so run up to where the chains are on his feet and pull the chains (while you have your iron boots on). He will fall over, so then you run up to his head and hit the glowing part with your sword. Repeat this until he is back to a normal goron. (note) if Fyrus ever uses the wave of fire go behind a supporter near the wall.

Defeating Diababa

Diababa (giant looking plant) is the first fighting to get the first shadow piece. To defeat him, first you have to use your boomerang and r target a bug bomb then second-target the plant and Diababa should eat it. (do the same with the other one). After that Diababa should reveal its full self. Keep dodging whatever it is throwing at you, then the monkey should come and swing on a vine holding a bomb for you. R target the bomb then r target one of the smaller plants. Do the same with the other side again. Now all their is left is the big middle one. r target the bomb the monkey is holding onto and r target the big plant and it will eat it. The big plant should now fall. Run up to it and attack its eyeball. Then the process should start over again. Keep doing it over and over until it dies. (note) their are hearts by the left and right wall.

Bug Hunting Tip

Their is an easy way to catch pairs of bugs. If you catch one and try to get its match, look at the one you caught. It'll say where you found it. (example) If you find a mantis on the Hylian bridge, look on the Hylian bridge for the green one.

Defeating Stallord

They're two phases to defeating stallord. (first phase) Run up to it and it will come to life. Then run to the sides of the sand near the wall and use your spinner. Keep riding the spinner until your behind Stallord. Then jump and when you reach his spine, attack it. The second time he will set up guards. If they're in the way just attack them with your spinner. Do this 3 times and it will die. (phase 2) (Stallord looks like its dead) Run to the middle and use your spinner in the hole. Stallord will come back to life. Now go to the wall and ride your spinner. Stallord will shoot fire balls at you but just jump on the spinner to the wall right next to you. Keep jumping (to dodge the fire balls) and when your right next to its face, jump. He will then fall to the ground. Go to where he is and attack the sword in his head. (The second and third time repeating this process Stallord will put spiky things on the spinner tracks.) Do this 3 times and it will should die unless you don't attack his head enough.

Defeating the ghost in the desert place

To defeat the ghost, first cut the strings holding on to the sword and the ghost will come and take the sword. He is invisible, so turn into the wolf and turn on your senses. Wait until he tries to hit you and dodge it. Then run up and attack him. He will turn visible so turn into human and shoot him with your bow and arrow. The ghost will come down. Now (in human form this time). wait till he tries to attack you. And then attack him back. Keeo repeating this until the ghost dies. (note) if he is invisible turn into the wolf. If visible turn into human.

Controlling the owl statues

At one point you have to move all the statues of owls somewhere. When you move an owl statue to where its supposed to be, you get a letter. After you get the letter, look around and you might see a treasure box. (optional if you want to get the treasure box). If there is a gap between you and the treadure box, move the owl into the gap. Then you can jump across and get the treasure box.

How to defeat Armogohma

To defeat Armogohma, you must take out your bow and arrow and wait for Armogohma to open its eye. (it opens its eye right before its going to shoot a lazer at you). It will then fall to the ground. Go to the statue near it and use the rod on the statue. Then attack with the statue. Do this 3 times to defeat Armogohma. The 2nd and 3rd time doing this, Armogohma will lay little spiders on the ground. After hammering Armogohma 3 times with the statue, its eye will fall out. Just chase it and hit it a couple times with your sword. Then Armogohma should die.

Defeating the knight in the Temple of Time

There are 2 phases to defeating the knight. To defeat the knight, first go up to it and let it try to strike you first. Dodge it and attack it right after it strikes you. Then some of its armour will fall off. Keep doing this until his armour is all off. (phase 2) put your sword and shield away, and wait till it shows the A button at the bottom of the screen (draw). Or wait till you see him just starting to move towards you and draw. Keep doing this until he dies. (note) the "draw" move is learned from the

Defeating Blizzeta

There are 2 phases to beating Blizzeta. (first phase), Blizzeta is in a form almost looking like a giant egg. Go near the wall (where you won't get hit) and take out your flail (a.k.a. ball and chain) and keep throwing it at her. She will get smaller and smaller. (phase 2) Blizzeta will shoot these ice chunks at you just keep running and she won't hit you. Then she will surround you with the ice chunks. Before she surrounds you with them take out your ball and chain and right when she throws the ice chunks surrounding you, throw the ball and chain and run out of the way. She will then drop herself in the middle. Now throw the ball and chain at her. (If you get hit from being surrounded, you will get hit and break one of the ice chunks. It's easier next time through).If you hit Blizzeta 3 times, she will be defeated.

Defeating the knight with the flail

In Yeto and Yeta's house you will have to fight a knight with a chain and a ball at the end. To defeat him, you wait for him to throw the flail at you, dodge it, then run up close and attack. Do this repeatedly until he dies. Then pick up the knight's weapon.

Cheaper Malo Mart Donations!

When you have donated 1000 rupees to the Kakariko Village branch of Malo Mart you still have to donate another 2000 right? Wrong! There's a Goron Elder outside the door of Malo Mart and he will give you the task of running across Hyrule Field with a rather flimsy barrel of hot, refreshing spring water. If you reach the Castle Town bridge, you will see a Goron sitting there. Fling the barrel at him and he will be rejeuvinated. Sounds easy right? Well if you can dodge all of the keese and levers which try to kill you, no problem. Here's a tip: the levers will swarm around you but they wont actually attack you (most of the time!) so try to just run straight for the bridge and you should outrun the keese and the levers will disappear before you reach the bridge. So what's the point of this unusual escapade? Well, when you return from this mission, the price will have dropped from 2000 to 200! Hope this helps!

Easier way to defeat the 2 dark knights in Hyrule castle!

If you are having a hard time defeating the two dark knights in hyrule castle's beginning, follow this tip:

1. Make sure you are standing near the beginning door with out them walking toward you.
2. Shoot an arrow at the one on the right (for some reason, if you shoot the one on the left they both come)
3. Wait for it to come to you.
4. When it's at you, defeat it once. Don't get too close to the other one while you fight.
5. Defeat the remaining dark knight.

How to defeat Argorok

There are 2 phases to defeating Argorok (it looks like a dragon). (phase 1) Go to the side of the platform then put on your iron boots. Clawshot back and forth (gradually going upward) between both of the poles on the side of the platform. Once you get to the top of one of them, Clawshot Argorok's tail. (Make sure your iron boots are on). Do this twice until all of its armour is off. (phase 2) Grapple back and forth between the poles going upward again. then clawshot one of the plants that are flying. Hold the L button and keep clawshotting to the next plant. Argorok will spit fire at you but just keep going. Once Argorok is done spitting fire keep clawshotting the plants. Then once you're behind it, clawshot its back and attack it with your sword. Do this 3 times and it will die. The third time you do this it will spit fire at you twice. The second time right after the first time it spits fire at you, switch directions (cause it will try to burn you by spitting fire at the plant ahead of you.

How to defeat the dragon with the clawshot shield

First it will just be flying. Once it starts flapping its wings faster, L target its shield with your clawshot and it will be pulled down. Then start attacking it. Keep repeating this. Then it will start to fly through the open areas into the sky. Just keep watching all of the windows until you see it stop and flap its wings faster. Pull it down then attack it again.If you defeat it, you will get the double clawshot.

Replacing the broken bridge

Later on in the game the twilight monsters take the bridge through their portal. Once you are able to go into the desert, go there. Then go where the owl statue is ( once landed from the canon, keep going forward.) Keep going until you see a thing than looks like a building. Clawshot the flying plant and land on the ground that is elevated. A portal will appear and the monsters will come down. Kill them and go closer the bridge (thing that looks like a bridge). Minda will say "what should we do?" say warp a

Defeating the giant goron

First the giant goron is going to go up to you and charge up a punch. Swing your sword at him and he will turn into a ball. Put your iron boots on and press a once he rolls close to you. Then he should fall into the lava. )Repeat this until the goron stops trying to kill you). If you defeat him you will get the "hero's bow."

The seven skills

To learn the seven skills you have to fight the knight (the one that transforms from a wolf). To find the knight, you have to howl a song near a howling stone. After you successfully howling the song you will have to fight the knight. Then the knight will teach you a move. Do the move on him he taught you, and you will be back where you were. (The first time meeting the wolf you don't have to howl the song).

1. Ending blow- once your opponent is on the ground, L target him and press A to finish.
2. Shield attack- press r to stun them with your shield. Then they're defenceless. Also you can repel your opponents range attacks by pressing r.
3. Back slice- roll/ jump around your opponent and press B right after pressing A two times.
4. Helm splitter- Do the shield attack then while L targetting them press A.
5. Mortal draw- Put your sword and shield away, and do not L target them. Wait till they charge at you and press A. Their is no defence to this.
6. Jump strike- L target your opponent, and hold A to charge up. Once the light has reached the tip of your blade, let go of A.
7. Great spin- Hold B and wait till light has reached the tip of your blade. Then let go of B. (Note) you must have full life to use Great spin.

Glitch: I Am Jesus

Go into the the water at the fishing hole. Make sure you hayour clawshot.(or double clawshot) Find the "Piece of Heart" and clawshot it. It should dissapear. Swim some and it should say you got it ALA-KAZAM! your walking on water. Note: If you get out of the water, you CAN NOT do this again.

Action Replay Cheats

NOTE* This only works if you have Action Replay.


Can Always Flourish Sword

Link's Sword Does 8x Damage

Jesus Mode (Walk on Water) (Press R to Swim)

All Swords/Shields/Tunics

All Vesseles of Light are Full (collect 1 tear)

Super Clawshot(s)

Super Spinner (Version 1)

Hold R to Create Invisible Floor (brkirch)

These cheats are teh pwnage. Taking out your sword anywhere is awesome, and the rest pretty much explain themselves. Super spinner you go really fast and can fly, Super clawshot goes really far and latches onto anything. Hold R to create invisible floor means it's almost impossible to die, as when you're falling, hold R and save yerself! Everyone knows that almost
everything will die in one hit if link's sword does 8x damage.

CAUTION* Do not try to use 'Hold R to create an invisible floor' as a wolf. Eventually the game will lock up. NOTE* If you use the 'All swords/shields/tunics' cheat at the beginning of
the game, you will not be able to see the tunics until you get the wolf mode.