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Submitted by Chris Leyton on August 26 2004 - 17:03

Rare switch the tongue-in-cheek mode to ON, as Mr Pants make his debut...

Rare today lifted the lid on the eagerly awaited release of Itâ??s Mr. Pants for the GameBoy Advance; and as widely suspected the game will be based upon the never released Donkey Kong Coconut Crackers, replacing the big ape with Rareâ??s iconic stick man with the bowler hat and red pants.

Taking time off from his various cameo appearances and his role as the website mascot, Mr. Pants has set out a whole load of puzzles to torment and infuriate his fans. The result â?“ also noted as the handheld event of the decade, possibly the century â?“ is a puzzler that includes multiple gameplay modes, difficulty settings, unlockable goodies and multiplayer modes.

The game revolves around a simple game mechanic, with Mr. Pants dropping pieces towards the board, whilst players have to shunt them into place to create shapes, which either grant you points or cancel out shapes already on the board â?“ however there are complicationsâ?¦

Shapes must be made in single colours, and pieces of the same colour canâ??t be dropped on top of each other, either fully or partially. Youâ??re free to dump different colours on top of each other, which can lead to chain reactions but could just as easily bring your progress to a grinding halt.

In some modes a sinister crayon snake slithers around the perimeter of the board, and will squirm into the middle and put an end to your game if you donâ??t keep kicking him back â?“ chuck in combos, multipliers, bonuses and secret shapes and youâ??re looking at one of the finest puzzlers to be released on the GameBoy Advance this year.

Single-Player modes include the likes of Puzzle, Wipeout and Marathon, which respectively challenge you to solve existing puzzles with a pre-selected stack of shapes; clear a messed-up board in two minutes flat or see what type of score you can amass in five minutes. Meanwhile the multiplayer mode features two separate games, Marathon Maul and Concrete Capers, which provide tests of endurance, skill, and foresight for 2-4 players.

Cleared levels open up new exhibits in the exclusive Mr. Pants art gallery, whilst weâ??re also assured the game will feature the debut appearance of Mrs. Pie.

Unless you didnâ??t realise, Itâ??s Mr. Pants is certainly a tongue-in-cheek affair and should be taken lightly, even if the nature of the game refuses to let you do so; weâ??ll have more information soon.

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