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Submitted by Jon Wilcox on September 23 2004 - 11:38

After being released on the Xbox in the summer, PC gamers now have the chance to experience Full Spectrum Warrior…

By now, everybody will have heard the origins of Full Spectrum Warrior; the fact that it was originally designed as a Light Infantry training tool for the US military, before some bright spark thought that it would be a good idea to amend the game and make it suitable for consumers.

So they added a coherent storyline and made some other adjustments before being released on Xbox. Visually impressive, with streets of guerrilla filled enclaves and windows on every turn.

The great idea of FSW was the fact that it wasnâ??t a first-person shooter; thanks to its military origins, the game focused creating a realistic strategic shooter, where the player controls the unseen remote commander of two teams, Alpha and Bravo. Both teams are controlled individually, with a complete range of realistic stances, and tactics for players to utilise.

The transition from console to computer so far seems to have been a straightforward one. Graphically, the game seems to be as good as those of the Xbox, and the sections of the game that featured in the game must go some way in creating the tension felt by every soldier on the front line or battles around the world. The PC version will also have two new missions not included on the console releaseâ?¦

Controlling the characters in the game, so far seems to be quiet good too, not least because of the nature of the game is focused on planning and strategically manoeuvring your soldiers through the streets correctly, and not blindly running into all out assault.

The game is expected to be release on October 6th, and we feel that the transition to PC will be completed successfully. The game so far feels right, and we are looking forward to playing the final game soonâ?¦

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