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Submitted by Chris Leyton on May 19 2005 - 00:21

Capcom returns to a classic, but can Final Fight still put up a fight...

Hidden away until E3, Capcom revealed a return to one of the most popular franchises of the late 80â??s/early 90â??s with the appearance of Final Fight: Streetwise for the Playstation2 and Xbox.

Set once again in the back alleys of Metro City, Final Fight: Streetwise combines classic Capcom action, interactive environments and a wealth of weapons to pick up and use. There are however a number of changes in store, most noteably in the fact that the likes of Cody, Guy and Haggard have been replaced on the playable roster with Kyle Travers â?“ an underground, streetwise pitfighter and brother of a certain Cody, who has mysteriously disappeared.

The game is essentially a standard beat-em-up with a handful of smart touches; a major element to the game is building up â??respectâ?, which in turn grants players with a means to earning new fighting skills, hardcore weapons, critical information and support from NPC. One example saw Kyle saving a Metro City civilian from a spot of bother, who came to his assistance taking out Mad Gear punks with his semi-automatic; equally you can harm civilians who will in turn make Kyleâ??s life a lot harder. Another neat aspect comes in the shape of â??Tensionâ?, which builds based upon how intensely the player fights and rewards you with more powerful attack moves.

Being a Capcom title thereâ??s a wealth of combos and techniques at the playerâ??s dispersal, while the touch of a shoulder button activates the â??Instinctâ? mode for a heightened sense of speed and accuracy; in addition you can also perform parry moves while in this mode that slows down time and looks spectacular.

The E3 demonstration only featured three stages however it was enough to gain an indication of the combat to be found within the game; what was harder to decipher was the non-linear roaming experience promised by Capcom, along with the diverse mission objectives and interaction with NPCâ??s â?“ both of which could play an important part in ensuring that the feeling of repetition doesnâ??t begin to surface too quickly.

Thereâ??s no doubt that Final Fight fans will look forward to this one, however whether Capcom can bring back some of the popularity that this genre enjoyed during the 90â??s remains to be seen while itâ??s questionable whether the game will offer anything significantly more then button-bashing action â?“ albeit an intense offering.

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By: Anonymous

Added:Wed 06th Dec 2006 08:05, Post No: 1

dose any one have cheates of final fight streetwis so one can have esay way through no tention