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Devil May Cry 4 Cheats on Xbox 360

Defeating Berial

Use Grim Grip to reel yourself close to his head and attack with your sword. Once the combos are done use Grim Grip while still in the air. When his flames are gone, jump up to his head. Grab his head with the Devil Bringer then once he lands from that use Devil Bringer again to throw and punch him. After that, run away a short distance because he will release an explosion in the area around him. Make sure to pick up Green Orbs from the destroyed buildings and roll to avoid his flame geysers and sword attack. Continue attacking in this manner and use your Charge Shot to defeat him in under a minute.


Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock
A Comfortable Pace ( 10 points )Clear mission 11 in Human mode.
A Cut Above ( 30 points )Clear all missions in Devil Hunter Mode with an S ranking.
Done and Done ( 20 points )Clear all missions in Devil Hunter mode.
Easy Does It ( 10 points )Clear all missions in Human mode.
Filled with Pride ( 10 points )Acquire 10,000 Proud Souls.
Half Way There ( 10 points )Clear mission 11 in Devil Hunter mode.
River of Red ( 10 points )Acquire 10,000 Red Orbs.
Rookie Devil Hunter ( 10 points )Defeat a total of 100 enemies.
Smokin'! ( 10 points )Complete a Stylish Rank S ( Smokin' Style ) combo.
Smokin' Style!! ( 10 points )Complete a Stylish Rank SS ( Smokin' Style ) combo.
Smokin' Sick Style!!! ( 10 points )Complete a Stylish Rank SSS ( Smokin' Sick Style ) combo.
Simply Spectacular ( 10 points )Complete a mission with an S ranking.
The Best of the Rest ( 20 points )Clear all missions in Human mode with an S ranking.

Secret ending featuring Dante, Trish and Lady

Protect Kyrie during the ending credits battle.

Demon Invasion

Beat Dante Must Die mode.

Light from the Demon Blade

Beat Hell or Hell mode.

The Cast

Beat Devil Hunter mode.

The Demons: 12 publicity pictures

Beat Son of Sparda mode.

The Ladies of Devil May Cry

Beat Heaven or Hell mode.

The Two Heroes: 29 character images

Beat Human or Devil Hunter mode.

Dante Must Die mode

Beat Son of Sparda mode.

Heaven or Hell mode

Beat Son of Sparda mode.

Hell or Hell mode

Beat Dante Must Die mode.

Son of Sparda mode

Beat Devil Hunter mode.

Bloody Palace

Complete the game on Devil Hunter difficulty.

Secret Achievements

AchievementHow to unlock
A Stunning Feat ( 40 points )Clear all missions in Son of Sparda mode with an "S" rank.
A Throne of Glory ( 50 points )Clear all game modes.
All Bow Before You ( 40 points )Clear all missions in Dante Must Die mode.
Bat Out of Hell ( 10 points )Extend the Devil Trigger Gauge to maximum capacity.
Brimming with Pride ( 20 points )Acquire 100,00 Proud Souls.
Covered in Blood ( 40 points )Clear all Bloody Palace mode stages.
Easier Said Than Done ( 10 points )Cl

Super Dante costume

Successfully complete Dante Must Die mode.

Super Nero costume

Successfully complete Dante Must Die mode.

Alternate ending sequence

Successfully complete the game. Protect Kyrie during the credits mini-game for over 90 seconds to view the rest of the ending sequence featuring Dante, Trish and Lady.


Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding accomplishment. To view your accomplishments, go to "Mission Menu", then "Network", and "My History".

AccomplishmentHow to unlock
A Comfortable PaceClear mission 11 in Human Mode
A Cut AboveClear all missions in Devil Hunter Mode with an S ranking
A Stunning FeatClear all Missions in Son of Sparda Mode with an S Ranking
A Throne of GloryClear all Game Modes
All Bow Before YouClear All Missions in Dante Must Die Mode
Bat Out of Hel

Defeating Blitzes

Use the following trick to defeat a Blitz as Nero. To lower the Blitz "electricity shield" quickly, use charged pistol shots with Devil Trigger activated. The most effective method seems to be as follows.

Charge a shot.
Go into Devil Trigger.
Release the shot, maybe a few more.
Turn off Devil trigger, and repeat.

This will quickly give you Super Smokin Stylish before he has even dropped his shield. This will work even with a level 1 Charge Shot, and should be much easier if you have level 3. O

Defeating Dante

When fighting Dante in the Dante Must Die mode, it is easier to fight him if you jump in the air and use the buster the bring him up to you. Then, use the grab attack. Be careful; he might block and try to hit you.

Defeating Sanctus

Use the following trick to defeat Sanctus inside of Sparda in Mission 20. While Sanctus is airborne in his shield, get close and break it with sword attacks just like earlier in the game. However, he will sometimes block with the Sword of Sparda. When he does this, use the uppercut technique to break his guard. If you are skilled you should use the Devil Trigger while he is in the air to use a special combo to force him to the ground. If you fail to do the air combo just let him fall to the ground. You may be able to get a few sword-based shots in but do not try to rely on this because he may escape. At this point, use the uppercut in Devil Trigger form, if at all possible. Afterwards he will go back to being airborne again, in which case you should drop the Devil Trigger. After you have broken his health down to about the 10% to 15% mark, he will use a charging sword attack (however, if you have perfected the aforementioned combo, you may bypass this). Defeating him requires timing. At the precisely the correct moment of his charge towards you, uppercut and break his guard. Again, as soon as it is broken get into the Devil Trigger uppercut and finish him off. In the second battle against Sanctus, as the False Prophet, timing is once again crucial. All you must do is uppercut his attacks away.

Defeating Sparda

Sparda can be knocked on his butt by using the Pandora's PF398 Revenge technique. With Pandora equipped, hold X and make two complete circles with the Left Analog-stick and fire at Sparda. It may require two shots but he will fall as though you used the stationary cannon.

Defeating Demonic Bosses

You can use Nero's Devil Bringer to defeat Demonic Bosses. Before you daze any demonic Boss, get your Devil Trigger as high as possible. As soon as the enemy is dazed, hit the Devil Trigger and use the uppercut on the enemy. Using it in different areas of the enemy's body results in a nice combo.

Mission 7: Easy orbs

Use the following trick to collect 4,300 Red Orbs in about twenty seconds. At the start of the mission, destroy the rocks to the left of you. Proceed into the tunnel and also destroy the rocks that are there. You will see the big red crystal near the Secret Mission. In order to get the most orbs, start with the Stinger then immediately go into Devil Trigger mode and quickly mash away. Once done, press Start, go to "Systems" then "Retry Mission". This is the easiest way to get a lot of Red Orbs in a short am

Sanctus' Shield

To easily drop Sanctus' Shield during either of his encounters, make sure you have a full Exceed gauge (Ex-act or Max-act helps). Approach Sanctus, jump, and perform an Ex Calibur. If the full combo hits, his shield will be down. You can now proceed to make him fully vulnerable to attack using the above method, or however desired.

Easy Combat Adjudicator for Dante

To get the stylish points for the Combat Adjudicator (machine that measures style) with Dante, use the Lucifer weapon. Execute the Pin-Up repeatedly. Hold RB + Forward + Y to execute the move.

Dark Slayer style

This style is for Dante only. To use it, press the D-pad in any direction twice. He will say "Get Set" to confirm correct entry. The attacks are really powerful, but kind of slow.


In the alternate scene when you see Dante reading the magazine, you can see Lady posing on the left side of the magazine.


In the alternate scene with Dante reading the magazine, look in the background of the Devil May Cry. You can see scarecrows hung on the wall.

Royal Guard style

This requires a fully leveled up Royal Guard style. You must posses the ability called "Dreadnaught". Dreadnaught is performed by holding RB + Left Analog-stick Away + B. This ability encases you in invulnerable armor, based upon how full your royal gauge is. You can still perform Dreadnaught with an empty royal gauge and get about five seconds of invulnerability. You will also suffer limited movement during a Dreadnaught. Perform the Dreadnaught and at the precise moment it runs out, switch your melee weap