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Submitted by Gwynne Dixon on February 17 2011 - 18:42

See what the fuss of today's top-trending topic on Twitter is all about...


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By: freeradical

Added:Tue 19th Jul 2011 22:49, Post No: 5

Yeah, I mean Techland is a developer that's well known for a lack of polish in its games. When us games journos say, 'if it can get polished up in the remaining dev time, then it might just be half decent,' we're usually just covering our back. You do get the odd example of preview code that's very messy a couple of months before release but gets miraculously polished up by launch, although that's the exception to the rule.

Still, there is something about Dead Island that's intriguing. It's definitely not your regular zombie game.

User avatar
By: Peter Corr

Added:Mon 18th Jul 2011 22:56, Post No: 4

ah right.  that does sound very interesting in a different kind of way.

i'm a big fan of the apocalyptic zombie movies, such as the originals by romero.  i just love the dark eerie atmosphere they give off.  if this is giving those vibes then it could be brilliant in a different way to dead space.

worrying hearing that it still needs alot of polish though tbh.  aren't we quite close to release now, as in a few months?  if all they have left to do is polish then it could be possible i guess, but too often i read previews that mention some pointers that need to improve then they don't get touched by the dev before releasing.

too often i think us gamers are made to wait for a sequel before a potentially great game becomes great, when if they'd listened to feedback from previews the original could've been that good.  such as assasins creed or infamous (springs to mind).

By: freeradical

Added:Mon 18th Jul 2011 21:27, Post No: 3

@Peter Corr: Definitely - survival horror, thy name is Dead Space on current-gen consoles. I wouldn't really describe Dead Island as survival horror in quite the same way though. With the open-world setting, it's just not really possible to get the suspense, high production values, and storyline that you'd usually expect from the genre.

What Dead Island is threatening to do, though, is touch on that zombie apocalypse style of the movies. You do kind of feel like there are zombies around every corner and that you have to improvise with weaponry to fend them off, mixed with the peril of getting lost in the world.

It's definitely a new direction for the genre but the game could use quite a bit of polish at this stage I think.

User avatar
By: Peter Corr

Added:Mon 18th Jul 2011 19:00, Post No: 2

the advert was quite simply the best advert for a game i've ever seen.

it's quite obvious the game wont live upto that, but i really do like everything i've seen of it so far.

the grand-daddy of zombie games, resi 5 was absolutely terrible.  i didn't enjoy L4D either.  so i hold alot of hope in this.

i bet it's no dead space / dead space 2 though!  the current king games of horror imo.

By: funkyellowmonkey

Added:Mon 21st Feb 2011 21:42, Post No: 1