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Submitted by Gwynne Dixon on October 14 2009 - 18:13

Frankfurt based developer Crytek has announced the release of what it's calling the first "truly Next-Gen-Ready" game engine...

German developer Crytek has today announced the release of what it's calling the first "truly Next-Gen-Ready" game engine, the CryEngine 3, which is now available to all developers for licensed use.

Unlike the CryEngine 2, which was largely sidelined to the PC platform, the CryEngine 3 offers an "all-in-one development solution" according to Crytek. This allows the engine to not only cater for existing Xbox 360, PS3, and DX9/10 based hardware, but also "all major upcoming platforms" as well.

The engine's scalable computation and graphics for incoming next-gen hardware (which Crytek's CEO, Cevat Yerli has previously earmarked to land around 2012) also introduces what Crytek is referring to as CryEngine 3 Live Create.

Live Create converts and optimises assets from a single PC dev machine that can then output in real-time to Xbox 360, PS3, and PC machines. This allows developers to make "instant, cross-platform changes" to a project, which "significantly reduces the risk of multiplatform development" according to Crytek.

"With CryEngine 3 we are releasing the best development solution available today and tomorrow. With its scalable graphics and computation it is next-gen ready and with new features like CryEngine 3 Live Create the best choice for game developers and companies developing serious games applications alike. It is the only game engine solution that enables real-time development and can ensure teams are able to maximise their own creativity, save budget and create greater gaming experiences," said Cevat Yerli, CEO & President of Crytek.

See the engine in action through here.

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User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Fri 19th Feb 2010 04:58, Post No: 5

Carl Jones of Crytek, Ashu Rege of NVIDIA, Harish Sivaramakrishnan of Adobe, Keita Iida of NVIDIA, Philippe Vachey of DSK Supinfocom, Robin Alter of Kreeda Games, Tridib Chowdhury of Adobe, Rev Lebaredian of NVIDIA, Sumit Gupta of BitRhymes, Hemanth Sharma of Adobe, Simon Green of NVIDIA, Varun Nair of Blue Frog, Krishna Pediredla of Drona Labs, Jithin Rao of Ubisoft and Imran Khan of FXLabs is coming this february to India's first and independent annual summit for the game development ecosystem - India Game Developer Summit (gamedevelopersummit dot com) to speak on various topics. For more info please log on to gamedevelopersummit dot com

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Fri 11th Dec 2009 17:34, Post No: 4

Hey man I am not interested whether its cryengine 2 or 3 i am interested in the next continuing part after crysis warhead "where did that VITOL flew with that alien and Phyco? What happened to Nomad and Profet?" oh boy I  cant wait to play the third part Longlive Cervet Yerali just dont delay the release of crysis arseraping.

Hope the configration of this engine won't be too high I have intel core2 duo 2.0Ghz 3GB ddr2 ram 512MB of Nvidea 9300GTX hope it would be enough to play it.

Please any one reply me back ok guys

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Thu 15th Oct 2009 00:41, Post No: 3

How have PC gamers been shafted? PCs can still fully utilize the engine, only now the engine is easily accesible to consoles. If anything, it sounds like this will make console games easier to port to the PC, which is great news for PC gamers. I agree that being more console-friendly is a wise business move on Crytek's part, and I hope it becomes a popular engine for the reason stated above. I don't know why developers wouldn't love it; the engine sounds powerful and efficient.

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Mon 28th Jul 2008 06:51, Post No: 2

Next game after this is "Crysis:- arseraping" where they release it along with hacks and stop supporting it immediatly

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Thu 05th Jun 2008 04:07, Post No: 1

seems like pc gamers got shafted. console gaming FTW. it will make more money that way and i dont have to upgrade my P0rn viewer