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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Cheats on PSP

Completion bonus

Successfully complete the game and save when prompted after the credits. You can resume the game using your cleared saved game file.

Stat boost

When you meet Hojo in the laboratory, talk to him once, then go to the glass pod near him and enter it. This is the pod in which Red XIII was trapped in Final Fantasy 7. Once you enter, Hojo will lock you up and ask a few questions. Based on your answers, you will be given a stat boost by Hojo.

Easy gil

Minerva is the goddess of the planet that Genesis sees after his last defeat. She is also an optional Boss that you can fight. She is extremely difficult to defeat. She has 1,000,000 HP and can kill you with one hit if you are not careful. She is under the final "Great Cavern of Wonders" mission. You must have at least 70,000 HP because she has an attack that does damage of at least around 60,000 to 68,000 if you have Barrier and are guarding. You can steal 99 Phoenix Downs from her though. You can use thes

Easy experience

Use the following trick to get easy SP, Materia leveling, and experience. Once you have got your vacation time at Junon Beach, you will have a new mission under the "Mysteries Of The World" category called "Fun In The Sun!". Successfully complete this mission set to unlock "More Fun In The Sun!" The second mission in this sub-category is called "We Hope It's A Vacation". In this mission, Sea Worms fall out of the sky about a half dozen at a time. This conitinues until about fifty have been destroyed. They a

Additional DMW character locations


Cactus Thorn: Successfully complete mission 10-1-3 (adds 1000 needles to DMW).
Tonberry's Knife: Successfully complete mission 10-2-3 (adds Murderous thrust to DMW).
Cait Sith's Megaphone: Find in a treasure chest in mission 8-4-3 (adds Courage Boost! to DMW).
Moogle's Amulet: Find in a treasure chest during mission 8-4-4 (adds Moogle Power to DMW, and levels all equipped Materia to Master level).
Magic Pot Tricks: Follow the orders of a Magic Pot (adds Item Mugger to DMW).


Ifrit Materia: Successfully complete mission 8-1-1 (adds Hellfire to DMW).
Bahamut Materia: Successfully complete mission 8-1-4 (adds Mega-flare to DMW).
Bahamut Fury Materia: Successfully complete mission 8-5-6 (adds Exaflare to DMW).
Odin Materia: Successfully complete mission 8-1-6 (adds Zantetsuken to DMW).
Phoenix Materia: Obtained during "7 Wonders Of Nibelheim" quest (adds Rebirth Flame to DMW).

DMW scenes

Every DMW character has several scenes which contribute to the percentage in the DMW menu. The following are some of the scenes and when they can be viewed:


Aerith and Zack are in the park, and she asks if Zack can jump to his feet on sand. Zack says he can. He tries it once, fails, asks for another try, and succeeds.
Aerith is tending the flowers, and Zack says "Let me give you a hand." She replies "That's okay. They only want to be tended by me."
Aerith is taking Zack to the Wall Market. Th

Gongaga mini-game

While in the Hills of Gongaga, after you start the scene with Genesis and Hollander, fight up to seven battles in the hills, then try to leave the area. Zack will notice a chest falling down the waterfall. Select the "I bet there will be more" option, and play the treasure chest mini-game. Monsters will come down as well as chests. The boxes and monsters will come down four times, repeating the same pattern:

Wave 1 (chest): Middle
Wave 2 (monsters): Left and right
Wave 3 (chest): Far left
Wave 4 (c

Joining Angeal's Fan Club

In Chapter 8, when you need to make Aerith the flower wagon, talk to the boy in the fountain area of Midgar. He will say that his mother is missing and never came back. Go to the Sector 1 Train Platform, and the mother will be standing by the wall when you walk in. Ask her why she is abandoning her son, and answer "A mother without honor is nothing but a monster." Then, go back to the boy in the fountain area, and you will be in the Angeal Club.

Joining Genesis' Fan Club

In Chapter 8, when you need to make Aerith the flower wagon, go to Loveless Ave. Talk to the Genesis fan in the back alley. Then, talk to the Genesis fan in the fountain section, and suggest that the two clubs join up. Go back to the lady on Loveless Ave., and she will give you a membership to the club.

Joining Sephiroth's Fan Club

To find the woman for admission to Sephiroth's Fan Club, the Silver Elite, you must wait until you can access the Park in the slums. This is after Zack falls from the plate while pursuing Hollander. When you get the chance again, go to the park, and look near the blocked off entrance to the next sector (this is where Shinra will collapse the plate to try to wipe out Avalanche in Final Fantasy 7). She will be standing next to the play set. You may have to move the camera to see her. She will ask you three questions about Sephiroth. Even if you get one wrong, you may try again as many times as desired. Answer all three questions correctly and she will accept you into the club. Unfortunately, there are only a few e-mails from the club, but they are still interesting.

Seven Wonders of Nibelhiem

When you first come into Nibelhiem, talk to the boy on the east side of the town. He will tell you that there are Seven Wonders you can help him solve. Note: Do not go to the Mako Reactor with Sephiroth until the first two are completed.

First Wonder: Inspect the water tower to solve the Wonder of the town's red water supply. You will get the Phoenix Summon here.

Second Wonder: Inspect the painting of the girl in the guest room in the inn. Go back to the boy, then back to the painting. Walk downstairs to see if the innkeeper walks upstairs. If not, inspect the painting again. Slowly follow him without passing him or starting the scene with Sephiroth.

Third Wonder: When escorting Cloud and Tifa back to town, talk to each child in the intersection with the Mako Fountain. Take the path behind the children all the way to the end to encounter the "Wonder" bombs. Destroy all three of them before they explode by hitting them as they expand to make them shrink again. Once you defeat them, go back to the village and exchange the Gold Shard you received for defeating them for a Safety Bit.

Fourth Wonder: This Wonder is in the Shinra Manor about a laughing safe. Go to the northwest room on the second floor to find a piece of paper and the safe, which contains clues on how to open the safe.

First digit: Knowledge overflowing. Count the number of books not on the bookshelf in the room on the east side by looking through the keyhole. Count the books on the floor and on top of the book shelf.

Second digit: Unwelcome faces. Count the number of Dorky Faces in the east room on the first floor. They disappear and reappear but in the same places.

Third digit: Tasty reminders of home. Count the number of Dumbapple and/or cans in the room on the second floor in the back of the west wing. Also look for them behind or under furniture.

Fourth digit: Resting on all four feet. Count the number of chairs in the west room of the first floor.

Go back to the room, and put in the deciphered code, and find a Cactuar in the safe and the Vital Slash Materia. Return to the boy in town to find out about the Fifth Wonder.

Fifth Wonder: The boy speaks of bloodcurdling moans in the caverns of the Shinra Manor. Go to the caverns, and defeat four Sahagins. Go into the rooms on the side of the cavern, and unlock each coffin until you find a man in the coffin, who is none other than Vincent.

Sixth Wonder: Note: You must do the preceding five Wonders first. While in Nibelhiem when Sephiroth has set the town on fire, there is a boy standing near the store. He says that his mother is trapped inside and you have 1:00 to get her out. Unfortunately there is too much smoke to see, so you must blindly guide Zack through the building. First, guide him to the far right of the store, then toward the rear, then left, next to the front, and finally to the right. Press X when prompted, and lead Zack back through the same route and out the front door. The boy will give you an ATK Up++.

Seventh Wonder: Note: You must do all preceding Wonders first. The boy will send you a message in the Outskirts of Nibelhiem in the following chapter about the state of the village and the lack of a Seventh Wonder. He has left a treasure as a thank you for rescuing his mother somewhere in the village, if Zack can find it. Go past the save point toward the farmhouse in the Nibelhiem Outskirts, and look on the ground near the fence for a glowing red object. It is the Wall materia, which is the Seventh Wonder.

Status Ward materia

Status Ward materia can be found in multiple missions. If you equip it, you will be immune to any status ailments that your equipped Materia can cause. Note: This works for the Dark and Hell Materia, such as Dark Blizzard or Hell Firaga. If you combine a Hell Materia with a Status Ward Materia, you will be immune to the following: Silence, Poison, Stop, and Death. It works very well in the latter missions.

Recommended equipment combination

The following equipment combination is very effective. Note: Genji armor is obtained by getting the DMW completed 100%. The Brutal and Gold Hairpin can be found in the "Seeking Priceless Items" missions. Mog's Amulet can be bought, and Ribbon is obtained by completing the "Seeking Priceless Items" mission category.


Hell Firaga (Magic +75)
Libra (Attack +68)
Status Ward (HP +999%)
Mug (Vitality +100)
Wall (MP +400%)
Curaga (Spirit +84)


Mog's Amulet (foes drop rare i

Navigating through the missions

When navigating through the missions, you can hug the walls or borders and avoid unnecessary conflicts and still get all the chests in the area (for example, places where it is narrow or on the rope bridge in the caves you cannot sneak by). All encounters are mostly activated in the center of the room or opening. Hug the wall if you are going through a very difficult mission and you know you can take the objective.

Mission difficulty levels

The game automatically labels missions with a difficulty based on your level. However, it does not take into account stat bonuses from Materia or accessories, so you could actually play a very hard mission and find it to be about normal difficulty.

Genesis' Banora hideout

Once you reach the final stage of the game, Genesis' secret hideout in Banora, you must get the Seven Goddess Materia and set it on the pedestal in the Portal of Severance. However, there is an optional section. You can reach it by defeating all the monsters in the Lake of Oblivion. To do this, check all the Lifestream Springs. When Zack says "The Lifestream has ascended and crystallized", it indicates that you have to fight another enemy first. One of them will make an enemy appear. After defeating it, che

Defeating higher level Dual Horns

In later missions you may encounter Dual Horns called Diceratops or Grand Horn. The Diceratops has Null Magic, so you must use physical attacks, but the Grand Horn is very difficult. It has Null Magic and Null Physical, requiring you to wait for the DMW to get you a combination. It is recommended you buy Zantetsuken Materia and level it up to the maximum. Also, buy a Lucky Stars Materia, as the Grand Horn has an attack called Gaia's Wrath which will lower your limit level. You cannot control this one at all, so be patience. You can steal a Pearl Necklace (rare steal) from it.