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User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Fri 12th Nov 2010 15:13, Post No: 6

not sure i would actually enjoy this... :(

By: freeradical

Added:Thu 11th Nov 2010 14:29, Post No: 5

That would be genuinely awesome. I love the idea of long-haul space travel in a first-person shooter.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is your Captain speaking. We've just passed by the moon and should be reaching our destination at Alpha Centauri in around about 500 years, asteroid fields permitting."

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Thu 11th Nov 2010 14:06, Post No: 4

COULD be very cool, as long a they take a "realistic" take on the future, with bullets and long haul space travel instead of lasers and lightspeed.

By: freeradical

Added:Fri 28th May 2010 09:51, Post No: 3

@Post 1: So, basically you're looking forward to Sony and EA games then?

I hear what you're saying though. Sledgehammer Games could actually be CoD's last hope in a couple of years. By the time 2012 comes around, will we be so bored by the Infinity Ward and Treyarch formula that a new deveoloper breathing life into the series will be a welcome relief?

By: SegaBoy

Added:Thu 27th May 2010 16:41, Post No: 2

It'll be interesting to see what Sledgehammer is planning if the game still intends to be in the action/adventure genre... lots of Tomb Raider block puzzles to push around and locked doors to open?!?!

User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Thu 27th May 2010 15:01, Post No: 1

bored bored bored.  modern warfare was a great FPS.  world at war was ok for multiplayer, but the single player was abit meh.  modern warfare 2 was, well, crap imo.  the single player was rubbish in terms of level design, ai, it's length and storyline.  it was a 2 year old game (mw1) with new maps and a few new online features.   and then they have the cheek to charge over £10 for map packs, where 2/5s of it was from the 2year old game i mentioned before.  i think they NEED these new teams to maybe one day breathe life into it again.  Black Ops is the last chance COD gets from me haha.  much more excited by other games on the way now, such as:  Dead Space 2, Killzone 3, Uncharted 3, Gran Tourismo 5, ModNation Racers, Crysis 2, Little Big Planet 2, and more i just can't think of.  I think they only people really left playing COD are actually not really old enough to be playing it lol.  Sorry, but complete lack of interest here!