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Submitted by Jon Wilcox on April 29 2005 - 07:18

The GBA franchise make the jump to the home-consoles...

First of all letâ??s make one thing clear â?“ CT is launching at £19.99 and it is not aimed at being a AAA blockbuster by any stretch of the imagination. Just because it isnâ??t being marketed as a groundbreaking behemoth of a game doesnâ??t mean that it isnâ??t any good however. The series has itâ??s origins on the GBA and is very Metal Slug in style (frantic trigger-happy 2D side-scrolling action) and now the franchise is making the leap over to the 3D world of the home consoles.

As well as the run-of-the-mill over the shoulder sections, CT: Special Forces also includes some free-fall missions which are so realistic in their portrayal of sky-diving that itâ??s almost enough to give you vertigo! Also the developers have put some thought into the weapons available in the game with the highlight probably the magnetic grenades that attract all metallic objects on detonationâ?¦

The bottom line is that whilst the game wonâ??t be winning may prizes for originality or longevity, it is a very solid action title with good gameplay and a level of physics that has remained elusive in other titles. The control system is intuitive and responsive, and seeing your character shoot blindly over his head is a neat visual touch as well as knocking the aiming off slightly when he does so â?“ in fact itâ??s probably the best example of covering and defensive shooting yet. The enemy AI is quite impressive too with opponents actually finding cover under fire under regardless of whether that cover takes the form of a box or underneath a flight of steps â?“. If anything playing CT: Special Forces is the closest to a G.I. Joe videogame, and will entertain gamers both with and without a budget.

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Overall Score: 7/10

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User avatar
By: Anonymous

Added:Thu 13th Jan 2011 12:32, Post No: 1

This game presented a level of commitment I adore in single player gaming that is often sparce and not given due focus like "Wanted" on next gen.

Graphics don't make a game for me but level design for engaging degree to branching challenge ideas which made "CT Special Forces: Fire for Effect" for me, one of my favorite under appreciated sixth generation games.

Thanks for it's production.