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Submitted by Stephen Leyton on January 1 1970 - 01:00

American McGees Alice

Alice adds a thrilling and distinctive chapter to the classic Lewis Carroll fantasy, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In this unique adaptation, players take on the role of a wiser, more resourceful Alice as she tries to free Wonderland from the domination of the deranged Queen of Hearts. Only Alice is skilled enough to overcome the capricious challenges of the Queen’s sinister and demented Wonderland. <br /> <br /> American McGee is the creative force behind this 3rd-person 3D action game. His Alice will expose an array of nasty toys, vicious creatures, horrifying settings, compelling gameplay, devious puzzles and numerous strangely familiar locations. <br /> <br /> Players get the chance to explore more than 15 levels, every one of them contains some of the strangest creatures you have ever seen, saying that the design is fantastic. As Alice moves through Wonderland she is able to leap off ledges, walk on walls, jump gracefully and work through a list of exotic specialty moves based on environments or locations. Alice also encounters areas of Wonderland where she can tower over objects and creatures, and conversely, where she is but a speck on the landscape. <br /> <br /> One thing to point out at this stage is that this game is incredibly weird, as you may of guessed by now. The plot of this truly strange game takes off where the book by Lewis Carrol ends. Alice has managed to escape from Wonderland, but now she has to answer a call for help from the wilderness. When she arrives back in Wonderland, complete with a blood soaked apron and dagger-at-hand she finds that the evil Queen of Hearts enslaves the hapless denizens of Wonderland. This is where Alice comes in, ready to kick some serious butt. <br /> <br /> Like most action adventure games there are a unique collection of effective weapons. The Jack’s O’ Death, Demon Dice, Jack (in the box) Bombs, Jabberwocky Eye Staff and Ice Wand are as fun as they are lethal. Even her playing cards are deadly: like flying razors, they cut, slice and dice. For variety, Alice also uses some traditional weapons. <br /> <br /> As soon as you start playing Alice it is clear that the designers who created the levels are incredibly imaginative. Wonderland is no longer a slightly strange children’s novel, oh no. Now it’s a world filled with blood sucking demons, and a tuff little cookie named Alice who loves to cut things up with her sharp dagger. There are over 30 characters to interact with in the game, each and everyone of them is freaky in their own way, even her friend the Cheshire Cat, turn your back and he’ll rip your heart out. <br /> <br /> Comments <br /> Alice is definitely a game worth picking up, using the Quake 3 engine, you can expect some nice locations with some fantastic visuals. Saying that if you think you’ll get the same action seen in Quake 3 Arena think again. This one requires a little more brainpower and I warn you now, be prepared to get frustrated. Lots!

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  • Graphics: 95%
  • Sound: 98%
  • Gameplay: 90%
  • Originality: 0%
  • Longevity: 90%
Overall Score: 9/10

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By: krisinater

Added:Fri 20th Jul 2007 21:24, Post No: 1

woooooooow.this game is awsome i have played it and wow wAS IT COOL.